A character reference from the Globe

 The Globe Editorial Board has come to some conclusions about the character of two of the Republican candidates for Congress, and endorsed Malone.

Here are some of the key exerpts from the Editorial “For Cape and South Shore Republicans:Joe Malone”. 


….. For Malone, however, the blemish on his record — the theft of $9.4 million by several of his Treasurer’s office aides — does not reflect on his own character, and should be weighed against improvements he made in overseeing the lottery and state pension funds. His political experience, combined with his welcoming personality, make him a potential bridge-builder in Congress. Such skills will be important were he to become the only Republican in the state delegation.

For Perry…..His faith in free enterprise and concern about over-regulation of business are deeply felt, and he pursues his policy goals in a thoughtful manner. The shadow over his candidacy goes back to his seven years as a police officer in Wareham. Not only has Perry provided unsatisfying accounts of his role in defending a subordinate officer accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, but the Wareham chief once testified that he had passed Perry over for a promotion because the chief believed Perry had not been “100 percent truthful’’ to him. The chief also said Perry had made a practice of tricking drivers into traffic violations through what the chief called “the old red light game.’’ Perry has denied the red-light allegation, but his failure to provide a convincing explanation for the chief’s comments puts a question mark in front of his candidacy.

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