Will Jeff Perry answer Wendy Murphy’s Questions?

Many readers here know that Wendy Murphy is no bleeding heart liberal.  That is why it is significant that she takes Jeff Perry’s actions to task regarding his direct supervision of a sexual predator and what Perry did or did not do with regards to covering up these criminal tragedies.  

Given that Rep. Perry posts here often, I assume he and his campaign staff read RMG regularly and I hope Rep Perry directly answers Atty Murphy’s questions.

See below for some of the questions raised by Murphy’s column:  

As the police supervisor on the scene, how was Sergeant unaware that a 14 year old girl was being sexually assaulted only a few yards away from him?  (Particularly when the girl was screaming and crying while the assault occurred?)

After the second assault occurred, why didn’t Perry immediately file an incident report–as both procedure and “good police work” required–but instead visited the girls parents to lecture them about how their daughter’s POTENTIAL behavior could have sent her to jail?

Why did Sergeant Perry wait until after his superior ordered him to write an incident report AFTER the parent complained about the assault?  

Perhaps the most damning question that arises from Murphy column is: did Perry exercise his 5th Amendment right during legal proceedings regarding this case?  (If this is true, I’m burying the lead of the story…but it’s the first I heard of it).

Clearly, Jeff Perry’s past comments have done nothing to satisfy a victim rights advocate like Wendy Murphy and his story often comes apart with closer examination–like when he told a reporter he was not trying to be “untruthful” when said he immediately filed an incident report, and then the facts showed he did not file one until a complaint was made by the victims family.

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