Why we need Mary Z. Connaughton for Auditor


MassDevelopment awards $350,000 in severance

While most laid-off state workers take home only a pink slip, exiting staffers at one quasi-state agency were lavished with thousands in severance, with one employee paid $12,000 after only eight months on the job, according to an audit obtained by the Herald.

MassDevelopment – which oversees real estate and economic development in the state – paid out some $350,000 in severance in recent years without any safeguards against abuse, according to the audit.

Most state workers apparently do not receive severance, but do receive payouts for vacation time (remember Doug Rubin?).

But DeNucci told the Herald that he has been warning this agency for NINE years about the fact that they don’t have a written policy on severance pay and they don’t run severance packages by their governing board– and they’ve just blown him off.

Don’t taxpayers deserve an Auditor who will NOT be ignored for NINE years??? DeNucci is retiring, and we need to fill that vacancy with someone who looks out for OUR interests and doesn’t allow renegade quasi agencies to bilk us out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in perks that nobody else gets.


Mary Z. Connaughton is the ONLY CPA in the race and was trained as an auditor at Ernst & Young.  Mary believes that government should work for the people. As a member of the Turnpike Authority board of directors, where she served from 2005 to 2009, she was an outspoken advocate for greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.  She also served on the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct, which investigates complaints of judicial misconduct and recommends disciplinary action if warranted.

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