Why we need a Republican for Auditor – Reason #2

Globe: “Retiring DeNucci increases staff pay

Auditor’s office defends 5% hike; move may stoke anger from voters”


Despite an economic downturn and widespread job and wage cuts for many workers, outgoing state Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci has awarded a 5 percent raise to his staff, retroactive to July 1.

A DeNucci spokesman defended the raises, which he said would cost about $350,000 through the end of the year…

Here’s what two of the DEMOCRATS had to say:

“Guy [Glodis] is not in a position to make that assessment of whether the salary increases are justified or not,” said Ernie Corrigan, a spokesman. “You really need to be inside as an executive to make those determinations.”

Glodis recently signed a collective bargaining agreement that raised pay for his correction officers by 7 percent over three years.

A third Democratic candidate, Suzanne Bump, also declined to criticize the pay increase… “Apparently, Auditor DeNucci has decided that this is appropriate for his staff at this time, and I respect his judgment,” said Bump, a former state representative and state labor secretary who has been endorsed by DeNucci.

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