Why we need a Republican for Auditor – Reason #2

Globe: “Retiring DeNucci increases staff pay

Auditor’s office defends 5% hike; move may stoke anger from voters”


Despite an economic downturn and widespread job and wage cuts for many workers, outgoing state Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci has awarded a 5 percent raise to his staff, retroactive to July 1.

A DeNucci spokesman defended the raises, which he said would cost about $350,000 through the end of the year…

Here’s what two of the DEMOCRATS had to say:

“Guy [Glodis] is not in a position to make that assessment of whether the salary increases are justified or not,” said Ernie Corrigan, a spokesman. “You really need to be inside as an executive to make those determinations.”

Glodis recently signed a collective bargaining agreement that raised pay for his correction officers by 7 percent over three years.

A third Democratic candidate, Suzanne Bump, also declined to criticize the pay increase… “Apparently, Auditor DeNucci has decided that this is appropriate for his staff at this time, and I respect his judgment,” said Bump, a former state representative and state labor secretary who has been endorsed by DeNucci.

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  • Nevertheless, Connaughton, an accountant and former member of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board, also said it was too soon to threaten to rescind the increase.

    Her Republican rival, Kamal Jain, however, called the increase “disrespectful to the taxpayers” and said he would scrap it if elected. “I believe in merit, and a blanket pay increase is not a meritorious pay increase, it’s an arbitrary pay increase,” said Jain, who works at a small high-tech company in Natick.

  • The Boston Globe reported today  that Joe DeNucci, the current state auditor who is retiring in January, recently gave his staff a 5% pay raise, retroactive to July 1.

    The Globe reporter included in his article reactions from all the Democratic and Republican candidates for Auditor.

    I am the ONLY candidate for State Auditor, from either party, who was willing to go on record and be bold enough to say that I will rescind the pay raise.  The Globe wrote, “Kamal Jain, however, called the increase ‘disrespectful to the taxpayers’ and said he would scrap it if elected.”

    My opponent in the Republican primary sided with the Democratic candidates in saying that it is “too soon to threaten to rescind the increase.”

    I will not “threaten to rescind the increase.”  I will simply rescind it.

    On my first day in office, I have pledged to give myself a 10% pay cut.  I have also pledged to refuse a public pension, and to limit myself to two terms as Auditor.  My Republican opponent has made none of these pledges.

    All the candidates for Auditor, other than myself, claim they need to be elected auditor before they can determine whether this pay raise was appropriate.

    As I told the Boston Globe: “I believe in merit, and a blanket pay increase is not a meritorious pay increase, it’s an arbitrary pay increase.”

    When I am elected Auditor, after taking my personal pay cut of 10%, I will immediately rescind this arbitrary 5% pay raise.  Then, I will evaluate staffing levels and the performance of individual employees, to determine where appropriate cuts or increases should be made.  I believe in rewarding employees for a job well done, but I also don’t believe in being falsely generous with other people’s money.

    Private companies don’t give across-the-board pay raises when times are tough, and they are only spending the company’s money.  The State Auditor must be an even better steward of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

    This recent issue is just one more distinction between Kamal Jain and every other candidate for auditor, from either party.

    I have never worked for the government.  I have no ties to the Massachusetts political establishment.  I don’t have favors to return to entrenched politicians or union lobbyists.  I’m not a political hack.

    The Boston Globe got it right when they said, “The auditor’s office is charged with rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse in government.”

    I am a professional businessman, with experience in making the hard decisions that save companies from going under and allow them to prosper.   I am an efficiency expert, a recognized leader in my field.  I am well-known for improving service while reducing costs and eliminating waste.  These are the skills we need in the State Auditor’s office.

    On September 14th, you will choose who will represent the Republican Party as our nominee for State Auditor.  Will you choose a candidate who has worked for the state multiple times?  A candidate with training and qualifications better suited to the Comptroller’s office?

    Or will you choose a proven expert, with experience in the real business world, who is completely outside of the political back-scratching on Beacon Hill?  A candidate with skills appropriate to what the Auditor’s office actually does?

    On September 14th, Vote Kamal Jain for Auditor in the Republican primary.  Let’s send a true outsider to Beacon Hill.

    Thank you,

    Kamal Jain