VOTER FRAUD IN ALASKA LIKELY

                                           By: Edward P. Shallow

Joe Miller has won the GOP nomination for the United States Senate in Alaska. According to the latest figures Miller held a 1,600 vote lead over the incumbent Lisa Murkowski the daughter of a political dynasty in Alaska.

Looking at where the absentee ballots are coming from, etc., Murkowski is not going to be able to make it up. Sources close to Miller, Sarah Palin, and external media sources all seem to think Murkowski cannot make up the difference.

However, there is a problem.

The absentee ballots will not be counted for a week or so.  Already there are rumors of “found” ballots. Murkowski is refusing to go away quietly, even allowing her campaign to float the idea of a third party bid or write-in candidacy.

The problem, and it has happened in every national election in recent memory is voter fraud and it is real. In many cases, those implicated are members of left-leaning groups run by unions, George Soros, illegal alien activists and in each election, the far left has an army of operatives padding the voting rolls. During the 2000 elections, about 5,700 felons voted in Florida. In St. Louis, election officials discovered that pets and deceased were being registered to vote.

Consider in the 2008 Senatorial elections in Minnesota, on election eve, Senator Norm Coleman was declared the winner against comedian Al Franken by 750 votes. There was a long delay in counting absentee ballots, weeks went by and it was discovered that Felons voting illegally gave Al Franken the Senate win in Minnesota… by convicted felons who voted illegally in Minnesota’s Twin Cities provided the margin to put Franken in the U. S. Senate. The fraud was ACORN-driven the story of felons voting in 08 was ignored by the media.

It is a national disgrace that a clown like Franken stains the hallowed halls of the United States Senate.

If you are an honorable citizen of the United States and expect to have our elective process free from  corruption then join with me and demand that every voter in every state be required to show a photo ID before you are allowed to vote.

Failure to implement a photo ID will continue to invite fraud in our sacred right to have each vote be authenticated.

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