Universal Hub: John Walsh are you too busy thinking up ways to call Charlie Baker a Nazi?

Some of you may remember that back in March John Walsh, the Democratic Chair that lost the Kennedy seat, tweeted someone about taking on Scott Brown.  Problem was he forgot to use the direct message function and the world saw the tweet.  Which started the affectionately named Walshgate.  To quell the rumors Walsh posted the following to his twitter page.

Well last week Walsh went over 1000 and he isn’t telling us who he was tweeting.  Our friend Adam at Universal Hub is all over the story.  

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, Walsh reached 1,000 followers (he was at 1,064 this morning). Now, maybe Walsh has been too busy thinking up ways of calling Charlie Baker a Nazi or something, but he’s yet to dish. Crack reporter Gin Dumcius caught up with Walsh after yesterday’s debate and reports  that when he asked Walsh whom the tweet was for, “he says he isn’t saying.”

When you start losing progressives in the blogosphere (although UHub is a very non-partisan and fair site) who do you have left John?  et tu Adam?

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