Tim Cahill to Announce Bid for 10th Congressional Seat

Just kidding …

But this post would be almost as absurd as announcing your run for statewide office three months before the General Election.

And now I put it to you, RMG’ers … lets try to come up with the most absurd political headlines that could happen in the next three months.

I put mine up in the title … what’s yours?

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  • We alredy HAVE nine candidates – NOW it can be Ten for the Tenth!

    oh…you were being sarcastic…

  • Oh wait.  That actually happened.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Jeff Perry took a polygraph and passed!

  • Marc Pacheco is a Human-Shaped Alien Spacecraft.

    Asked for a comment, the Bay State Senator’s Commanding officer opined “We come in peace.”

    Deval Patrick to Unicorns: “Drop Dead”

    The Governor had harsh words accompanying his refusal to bail out rainbow manufacturers

    DeNucci Tapped to Represent Humanity in First Contact With Dolphin Civilization

    DeNucci, humanity’s second choice after frontrunner Robert DeLeo mistook dolphins for porpoises.

    William Galvin Opens Portal to Future, Returns with Ornamental Sandbox.

    When questioned about the wisdom of returning from the future with a seemingly insignificant artifact, the Secretary of the Commonwealth turned the item over in his hands and said softly, “It will look nice in my office.”

    Charlie Baker Revealed to be Three Little People in a Circus Tent.

    The three men were apologetic.

    Richard Tisei & Wife: “Just Kidding!”

    Senator Tisei’s secret life comes back to haunt him.

    Scott Brown Beheads Malaysian Prime Minister.

    In a strange turn of events at a Fashion Show Fundraiser, Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, did a karate chop, a flip and killed the Prime Minister of Malaysia, crying that children have a fundamental right to work.

    Tim Cahill Sells Soul for Webbed Feet, Loscocco Follows Suit.

    “I think this will really help us reach aquatic voters.” When questioned about the possible snub to amphibian voters, the State Treasurer grinned and pulled out a small nest of tadpoles tattooed with the campaign logo.

  • Jim Braude on NECN announces “In the Massachusetts Suffolk Eighth, the Walz-Marston race is still too close to call.”

    Not that it won’t happen but it will be an absurd moment.

  • Bravo to one and all!!

    I’m happy to have elicited such competitive creativity!

  • Ken Pittman
  • Endorses Jill Stein for Governor.

  • enough said.

    go Jim