They wasted a week on this?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is facing a $2B structural deficit, has an unfunded pension liability of over $20B, has rampant unemployment, and has rampant corruption.  Despite all that the legislature has wasted the last week on crafting a Casino and Racino bill. Note I didn’t say expanded gambling bill.  That’s because it’s not a gaming bill, this would have been a gaming bill, rather it’s special interest casino legislation.

Now we are left right where we started last week, at an impasse.  Deleo and Murray crafted legislation that has two racinos, one probably for Wonderland or Suffolk Downs and one for Plainville.  Deval Patrick won’t sign the legislation and the Senate was 2 votes shy of a veto proof majority.

So in the end the legislature did the union’s bidding and gave them a casino bill.  Deval Patrick for now won’t sign it.  None of the other pressing priorities of the Commonwealth got addressed.  

As Barbara Anderson likes to say, it’s time for Revolution 2010.  Let’s get to work.

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