The Casino Roll Call Vote – or who’s got the Balls?

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The roll call vote has some surprises.

I have already thanked my representative and senator.  If you agree with how your legislator voted – say “Thank YOU” – they don’t hear it often and those may be the two most powerful words in the English language.

If you do not agree with how your legislator voted, well, it is your job as a citizen to let them know that, as well.

I will say it again:  What is needed is a cleanup of the “tax expenditure budget” and honest, long term revenue planning, not expanding predatory gambling which will destroy businesses and local jobs, and degrade our state based on unreal estimates of new jobs.

We cannot cut taxes in good years, and cut services in bad years indefinitely.  Like Joseph’s advice to Pharoah, at least as reported, you save up in the good years to take care of citizens in the bad years.  You do not gorge in the good years, and starve to death in the bad years with good long term planning.

Remember, Atlantic City’s casino culture is failed and it looks like the State of New Jersey may have to take them over

Nevada has unemployment of 14% and a foreclosure rate 5 times higher than out state.

Michigan let in one casino – now it has 23, and none of them are doing well or met the predictions made by the gaming industry.

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