The campaign is heating up!

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Hey Team –

Before I jump into my Friday update, I’d like to wish my good friend and running-mate Richard Tisei a Happy 48th Birthday today. Richard and I are working incredibly hard these days all across the Commonwealth to make sure people know that we have the plans to turn Massachusetts around.

I know many of you are finishing up your vacations and getting ready (can it be already) to get the kids back to school, and for us here at the campaign – things are really heating up, and it feels great!! Richard and I, no matter where we go, continue to be amazed by the people we meet and the stories we hear. We meet people every day who have lost their job, who run a business and are hanging on by a thread in Massachusetts, and who know they can’t grow their business here without a serious change in the business climate. Massachusetts needs a serious change and they need someone in charge who will say no to the higher spending and higher taxes, and who will say no to the unions and special interests. That’s us, folks.

During the next 81 days we’re going to hear Deval Patrick talk a lot about things that haven’t happened while he’s been governor. He likes to change the subject – A LOT! It’s not surprising he does that, given his record of tax increases, lost jobs and reckless spending, but his record is catching up with him and we’re going to make sure he answers for it because these are the issues people care about after all.

As with every week, we were busy on the campaign trail.

Check out our recap and highlights here:…

I must give a BIG shout out to the families we met last weekend at the Southwick Zoo in Mendon – 600 people came out to meet us and hear about our plans to turn Massachusetts around. A special thanks to Kim Roy for organizing the event!


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