The 5K Challenge

(Today is the Jeff Perry for Congress 5K challenge.  Join me in donating to Jeff Perry today.

The 3rd quarter FEC filings are in just a few days.  Donations made NOW are very important so the national party continues to prioritize this important and close race. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

RMG Friends,

The runners in the Falmouth Road Race have a challenge to meet this weekend. Today, I have a challenge for you; a $5K challenge to be exact.

On August 25, we have a goal of raising $5,000 for our campaign to Wake Up Washington. On August 25, there will be less than 3 weeks to go to the Primary Election, and we need to be sure that we have the resources we need to get out our vote.

We have two options for you to help us reach our goal:

  • Pledge a set amount to be donated on August 25. You can make your pledge on this special page and we will remind you of your pledge on August 25.
  • Donate today, and your donation will be applied to the $5K goal. Click Here to make your donation on a page specifically designed for this initiative.

    I want to thank the hundreds of you who have already joined our movement, whether you have volunteered at one of our three offices or contributed previously. Every day we are putting ourselves in a better position to win.

    Thanks in advance for your pledge and donation in the $5K Challenge.

    On to Victory,


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    • ShillelaghLaw

      Why not hit up members of the Columbia State University alumni association?

      Jeff Perry witnessed a sexual assault by one of his subordinate officers, did nothing to stop it, covered it up, and lied about it.

    • to take back the people’s seat in the 10th district! This will be a tough battle because the opponents are not sticking to the issues, but anyone who watched Rep. Perry handily win the recent radio debate with the other three Republican opponents recognizes that he is our best shot at having a loud voice in Washington for lower taxes, cutting spending, reducing the deficit, cracking down on illegal immigration, and fighting for his constituents just as he has all along as a state representative.

      People having been working pretty hard to smear him, but it isn’t working– he is far ahead of the pack in raising money, mobilizing foot soldiers, and spreading his message of fiscal and social conservatism throughout the 10th district. Kudos to Jeff Perry for being dauntless and tireless, and let’s hope you get rewarded with a huge victory on September 14th, and November 2nd.  

    • Republican Ram Rod Radio

      How long did it take Jeff Perry to get his degree from Columbia?  

    • I guess Jeff must be doing something right because people keep trying to take him down…..with no success.  Let’s look at the positives…Jeff is a contender with the movers and shakers in the Republican Party in Washington.  He has out raised…out volunteered and out organized anyone in the race on either side.  His campaign is a positive one….about change…REAL change.  Go Jeff Go!  

    • Great idea Rep. Perry. I like the 5K challenge and I’m glad I don’t have to run a 5K to donate!  You have my pledge and my vote.

      I appreciate the work you have done in the legislature for the past 8 years and your continued positive campaigning no matter what mud your opponents or the lefties sling at you.  You are a man of character and integrity, and it shows.  

      The 10th District is lucky to have you in the race.

    • Judging by the success of your campaign so far, I am willing to bet that you at least triple the goal of 5K that you are trying to reach. You have out-raised all of your competition, your presence across the district is enormous (I see your people on overpasses every week), you have more office locations than any other candidate, and you have the most impressive list of endorsements of any candidate (I love the newest addition, GOAL). You have my pledge for that date, keep up the hard work, it will pay off soon!

    • You can see by my name that I want to make this a Red State.  The only way we’re going to do that is with positive campaigning.  That’s what Jeff Perry is doing and that’s why I’m going to take part in the 5K pledge.  I see Jeff Perry everywhere.  I stopped by his Quincy office and it was buzzing with activity and he has one on the Cape and in Plymouth.  He and his staff are working so hard and sticking to the issues.  This is the right candidate for the 10th Congressional District.  I pledge money and I’m voting for Jeff Perry!

    • Republican Ram Rod Radio
    • This weekend so appreciate Jeff’s tie-in to the event.  Looking forward to seeing how many supporters he has along the route.

      Also, does he have any running shirts for people who would don his ubiquitous red shirts for the race?  The red t-shirts are a bit to hot for the Road Race.

      Also, how about changing the challenge from 5K to 10K+1 in honor of Falmouth’s quirky, yet historic district?

      Let’s see a sea of red tomorrow.

    • … are not due until after the end of the third quarter. September 30, 2010 is the end of the quarter, due October 15.

    • Republican Ram Rod Radio

      Ahem – anyway today is August 26 and I was wondering if Jeff Perry raised the 5K he was talking about upthread.  Does anyone know?