Thank You MA RMV

I am now on hold with the RMV for the better part of an hour now and counting.  I renewed my registration (online like a good doubie) and the RMV neglected to include the little sticker for the license plate.

Years ago, if something like this happened I would just stop at my local full service branch of the RMV in North Attleboro that (up until recently) had existed for over 40 years.

Trivia question….Do you know when you lose your RMV and a substitute starts up in the neighboring town?….when your rep on Beacon Hill is a republican and the next town has a dem.  But there is an even better back story.

When the Registrar announced the local RMV would be closing, my local rep pleaded that she reconsider.  The rep was told the only way an RMV could remain in the area was if it had a zero facility cost.  The rep worked with various community leaders and finally was able to secure rent free, new bright and comfortable accommodations at the Emerald Square Mall (near the food court).  

The registrar went to the mall and asked for several concessions (beyond rent-free) like a long term lease, and signs on the highway, which she was granted.  When push came to shove it appears politics finally won out and a new express registry was set up in the dank basement of the Attleboro city hall.  I especially enjoy that smell of urine as it hits you in the face coming around the building….and I’m sure the handicapped patrons enjoy that external chair lift (why be comfortable in a real elevator?).

So thanks registrar of motor vehicle for letting politics overule common sense in your decision process.  Why have patrons who could have to wait hours seated comfortably in the food court of the mall waiting for their number to come up when you can stick them in a downtown urban building that that is more of a hassle to get to….and smells.  

Thanks again….I’ll spend 2 hours on the phone instead….it’s not like a have a job or anything to do.  Oh now I understand….”They are experiencing Heavy call volume“….oh well that explains it.

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