Sneaky Liberal Web Site Supports Sholley

OK, this is going to sound at first like one of Earl’s nutty theories but as far as I can tell its true.

There is a web site called, it has nice pictures of McCain splashed on it and some google ads at the top to make it look linked to McCain.

The site is carrying Sholley’s silly video which insults Sean Bielat for not airing any of Sholley’s baggage (while they simultaneously crow that he is going negative) on the Laura Ingraham show:…

It adds the commentary:

Sean Bielat gets hammered by Laura Ingraham during a radio interview. Sean can’t seem to explain how he is different from Earl Sholley. One thing is for sure, Earl Sholley does much better speaking in public and expressing his views in a clear concise manor. I don’t think Sean is quite ready to represent the 600000 people of the 4th district. Don’t forget to vote for Earl Sholley in the republican primary on September 14, 2010 if you want remove Barney Frank from office….

But is it real?

(more below the fold!!)

First, look up in the left hand corner of your browser.  See the Obama logo?  Looks like they forgot to remove it!

(h/t:  Hamet)

You can’t tell from looking at the site, but its actually a vessel for promoting liberal ideas, like this one:

Fake republican outrage at the deficit

Regarding the Sholley support, I can do no better than  Hamet and the associated comments thread linked above:

Yes, dear Haemet readers, the O-bots want Sholley to win the primary and beat first-time candidate Sean Bielat. Now, my query: is this because Sholley has a history of domestic violence, arrests, criminal convictions (in his adult years, not joyriding as a kid), bankruptcy, failed businesses, and liens against him, or because Sean Bielat is a Georgetown/Harvard/Wharton, military and defence contracting guy whose intellect and background will play really, really well in the super-educated Fourth District?


Aug 3rd, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Wow. How do they find the time for this sort of nonsense? I mean, it takes a lot of effort to ruin an economy, demoralize a military, and dismantle a republic, doesn’t it?


Aug 3rd, 2010 at 8:39 pm

Look up in the left-hand corner of the tab in which the site opens.

Kinda like writing an anonymous letter on personalized stationery.


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