Sean Bielat supports legalization of drugs – Huffington Post

(William F. Buckley was for the legalization of drugs.  I’m for the legalization of drugs, prohibition has not worked.  Being for the legalization of drugs is not “going against everything the GOP stands for.

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Sean Bielat’s support of legalizing drugs goes against everything the GOP stands for.  In fact, he’s Taken a stand that is more radical than even Barrack Obama.

Here’s what Sean Bielat told the New Bedford Standard Times as recently as July 25, 2010…..Exact text from article is as follows………

One of the places Bielat ends up in the same place as Frank is on drug legalization.

They both have the same libertarian position – that the country would be better off if drugs were legalized and the commerce separated from crime.

Bielat told The Huffington Post back in February, when he was just beginning his campaign to oust Frank, the longtime and popular incumbent. (The local House member is chairman of the Financial Services Committee.)

Link to article –…

Let me get this straight, Mr. Bielat.  The country would be better off if drugs were legalized and the commerce separated from crime????

In years of voting Republican, I can’t remember any GOP contender proposing this.  I mean, this is so far out there, not even the liberal RINOS like Lowell Weicker would put this one forward..  In fact here’s where it get’s really scary.  I did a Google search, and even Ted Kennedy came out AGAINST legalization.

Mr. Bielat,  you are way off the reservation here and you owe Republicans in the Fourth District an explanation, with all due respect.  This might be how they do things in Brookline, where you live, but for those of us who were raised in the conservative mid district towns of greater Foxborough, which is where a GOP candidate can beat Barney, you are way outside the parameters of what our party is all about – and sure is NOT about legalization of drugs.

Please post an explanation.  We deserve to hear from you and you have the right to set the record straight.

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