Sean Bielat says he was a Democrat….and complains that it came out.

It’s not every day that a candidate for congress on the GOP side brags about their past membership in the Democrat party.

But then there’s Sean Bielat.  He’s a wonk from Brookline Mass. and is seen on his web page to be whining today that someone leaked to a blogger that he was a big ‘D.”

Since I was brought up in the Fourth I’ve been following the race and have some observations.

Mr. Bielat has got to get some thick skin on, and soon.  His front page web posting wines about Barney Frank leaking to the press that he, Bielat, was a Dem.  Note to Sean – It’s not too hard for anyone to find out about your background , and if you think this is bad, wait till the air wars begin.


But here’s the real issue.  Bielat recently sent me a solicitation for money.  I get it.  The young kid needs some dough to take on an incumbent.  That’s fine.  But according to the New Bedford paper, Bielat has retained GOPUSA to raise money.  To put it simply, if you want most of your money to go to the candidate and not the big fat cats at GOPUSA, you would not donate.

Bielat is interesting.  He’s been very anti bailouts – fine with me – but as a DOD contractor he’s been the beneficiary of big time federal dollars for years.  But I think what bothers me the most is the young man’s hypersensitivity.

In politics, you don’t whine like a baby everytime someone writes something negative about you.  You need to be able to rise above.

And in truth, GOP Primary voters do have a right to know that Bielat was a Democrat.

Sean, if it’s no big deal, why were you not talking about it before yesterday’s New Bedford Times article??

For my money, Earl Sholley is worth a vote.  He may not be a rich guy from Brookline, but he’s not ashamed to be a working class guy who is in touch with the real world.

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