Ronald Mariano refuses challenge to debate

In early June, Gary Lowell, independent candidate for the Third Norfolk district, sent an email to Ronald Mariano, incumbent Democratic candidate for the Third Norfolk district, challenging him to a debate on the issues facing voters in the district.  After not receiving a reply for over a week, Lowell called Mariano’s office and asked if he would be willing to debate.  Lowell was told that Mariano was in a meeting and he would contact Lowell.  

Later that day, Lowell received an email from Mariano saying that he does not “engage in political discussions from the State House” even though Lowell was not proposing engaging in a debate from the state house, but from somewhere else.  Mariano also said that “any campaign discussions will take place after July 31, when the House of Representatives adjourns.”

On July 19, since the end of the legislative session was approaching, Lowell sent another email to Mariano renewing his challenge for a debate.   The following is the text of the email sent by Lowell:

“Ronald Mariano,

You said in your previous email, in response to my challenge for a debate, that no campaign discussions will take place until after July 31.  Seeing as July 31 is fast approaching, I am renewing my challenge for a debate.  Engaging in a debate would enable us to better inform our constituents and allow them to make a better informed vote.  Since you will be available to debate after July 31, I feel that sometime in August would be the optimal time to hold a debate.

I look forward to informing the residents of the Third Norfolk District on our policy positions.”

As of August 10, Lowell has not received any reply from Mariano in regards to his second debate challenge.  

Lowell thinks that Mariano is depriving the voters of the Third Norfolk district of the chance to be fully informed on the candidates’ positions.  Lowell also believes that Mariano’s refusal to engage in a debate and refusal to respond to an email from a constituent is yet another example of career politicians being out of touch with everyday citizens.

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