ROFLMAO: Globe says Mass Dems “tacking to the right”

We all know that the Democratic Treasurer Tim Cahill has “unenrolled” and tacked hard to the right in his quest for Governor.  Now the Boston Globe says other Dems are following suit and tacking to the right.  Their first one ought to give you a real big chuckle, apparently Sue Fargo is now trying to be a right winger.

Susan L. Fargo, a veteran Democratic state senator from Lincoln, is on the campaign trail armed with a Republican talking point: Repeal last year’s sales and alcohol tax increases.

Allen J. McCarthy, a Democratic state representative from East Bridgewater, has been talking about spending cuts, saying voters want to know “we’ve been tightening our belt, too.”

And Jennifer L. Flanagan, a Democratic state senator from Leominster, went to a Tea Party movement meeting and declared herself a “cheap Democrat” in touch with angry voters.

Across traditionally Democratic Massachusetts, Democratic state lawmakers are trying, sometimes a bit awkwardly, to adapt to a perilous political climate, fearing that many voters are skeptical of incumbents, angry about spending and taxes, and hungry for new faces on Beacon Hill.

Well I’ve gotta pick myself off the floor and get to work.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    What the Globe is trying to say is that the ‘rhetoric’ of many Democrats is ‘tacking to the right’.  Democrats still think tax and spend politics is the way to go, but now they recognize that the voters and taxpayers can no longer financially support that position.

    If big government politics isn’t the answer going forward, then may be it was the problem of the past…..

  • Wherever Democratic incumbents are facing strong Republican challengers they are tacking right.

    Fargo is facing Eric Dahlberg. Flanagan is facing Eric Dahlberg. I should check out McCarthy’s race. I’m betting he has a good Republican challenge there too.

    Mike Rush is facing Brad Williams and tacking right.

    Steven Baddour is tacking right – and his challengers aren’t even that strong.

    The combination of tax hikes plus cuts in education spending has made a lot of angry voters. I think MA voters would have tolerated the hikes if the money had been spent preserving local aid and keeping libraries open. They’ve seen the money go into the pockets of unions and special interests. There are a lot of D’s with unpopular votes to answer for.

    There is another thread which is Progressives challenging Democrats form the left. Rudnick is running to the left of Creem with a lot of success – but on a platform of independence and responsiveness.

    D’Alessandro is challenging Lynch from the left. but I don’t know where he’s going to get lefty support in that district. He’s really going to have to get the vote out in Needham.

  • and not sacrificing ALL their credibility in one fell swoop by trying to rebrand themselves as “independents” and run as “outsiders” like a certain two term incumbent lifelong democrat state treasurer we all know.  Compared to what Cahill is trying to pull these guys gals are paragons of consistency and integrity.