Red Mass Group has a policy against Multiple Accounts.

(Seriously.  One IP two accounts. If you are a campaign and need multiples email us we’ll allow it. If you live in a republican cell and have four roomates email us and we’ll allow us.  If you create multiple accounts to make it appear that more than one person is having a discussion, usually with yourself, then we’ll delete em.  Multiple violations will result in a banning of the IP address.  We’ve been lax but the policy has been in place for at least six months. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Red Mass Group has a policy against multiple accounts.…

Effective immediately. There will be at maximum two accounts allowed per IP address.  For special cases where more than two people live in a home that shares an IP address email us. We’ll make an exception on a case by case basis.  Any IP address that has more than two accounts will be banned from Red Mass Group.

Thank you,


There has been a single user who has created WAY more than 2 accounts.  The first account deleted “MassGOP1,” was done so by Rob Eno on July 29th.…

I have subsequently banned the accounts “tjenkins” and “charliefromchatham.”

I have known about this problem for a long time, but have not taken formal action until recently, even though our own policy mandates we ban the IP address where they were created.  This is a formal warning to the owner of these accounts that if you do not stop blatantly and flagrantly violating Red Mass Group policy I will ban all of your accounts and the IP address from where they were created.

Thank you.

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