Property Taxes UP Home Values DOWN

Thanks to the Baker campaign for FB’ing this story, which addresses a question I have had for a long time now–


From the Globe piece–

Overall, property values dropped in 281 communities for the fiscal year that ended June 30.


Despite dropping home values, Massachusetts property tax bills continued to rise last year… The average tax bill on a single-family home in fiscal 2010 increased about $140, a 3.3 percent increase, according to figures released this month by the state Department of Revenue. The average tax bill for a single-family home was $4,390.

The only answer they could come up with?

Revenue-hungry cities and towns, looking for money to pay for new buildings and to maintain services, have continued to push up local taxes, often asking voters to approve property tax overrides even as real estate values drop further.…

This is THEFT, and it needs to stop. As the Baker campaign pointed out, we were promised a property tax CUT – and instead we’re getting charged MORE than our property’s real value.

“You want property tax relief? Come and get it! Come and get it,” [Patrick] declared during the March 2007 rally at Boston Latin School. “You want it? Come and get it!”

But they never got it.

Instead, property taxes have continued to rise in the 3 1/2 years since Patrick took office…

bold mine…

When we never got it, here’s how he responded:

[Patrick] points to measures he has enacted to reduce pressure on homeowners, and vows that this will remain a top priority if he is reelected.…

Hey Governor, thanks for LYING through your teeth, but guess what– we won’t get fooled again!

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