Newton North High School Opens…

The $197,000,000.00 Newton North High School opened today.  It’s lofty price tag should serve as a reminder to all of us how good intentions without reason destroy fiscal sanity.  Because state matching funds are spread out among our 351 cities and towns, Newton had little incentive to keep costs down and ran up the bill on our tab.

It should also serve to remind us how government spending must be measured.  It should not be measured against the previous budget, but rather always be measured against the number ZERO!  If the next High School cost us $201 Million, that would barely be a 2% increase.  The cost increase may have been less than inflation.  However, a modest “fiscally responsible” 2% increase would not be acceptable because the spending on Newton North was not acceptable.

We deserve better than the status quo.  We do not need to justify or convince anyone to cut spending.  Rather, the government must justify every nickle of ours they take from us.

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