Newton North High School Opens…

The $197,000,000.00 Newton North High School opened today.  It’s lofty price tag should serve as a reminder to all of us how good intentions without reason destroy fiscal sanity.  Because state matching funds are spread out among our 351 cities and towns, Newton had little incentive to keep costs down and ran up the bill on our tab.

It should also serve to remind us how government spending must be measured.  It should not be measured against the previous budget, but rather always be measured against the number ZERO!  If the next High School cost us $201 Million, that would barely be a 2% increase.  The cost increase may have been less than inflation.  However, a modest “fiscally responsible” 2% increase would not be acceptable because the spending on Newton North was not acceptable.

We deserve better than the status quo.  We do not need to justify or convince anyone to cut spending.  Rather, the government must justify every nickle of ours they take from us.

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  • and that is why I support Kamal Jain for auditor.  We need to be able to see every nickel the state spends and who they spend it with.

  • We need to get away from one of the most fiscally damaging perceptions in government today.  That is the belief, on behalf of some voters, administrators and elected officials, that money that comes from other sources does not cost the community receiving it anything.

    This is seen most frequently in local school construction where communities are doing cost comparisons using the amount “they” will pay and the amount “the state” will pay.  It also goes on at the state level where we look to federal dollars as if they come from somewhere else, a different planet so to speak.

    I am not sure about you, but I pay state and federal taxes to go along with my local taxes so I view each and every penny as if it were my own.  We need to do the same with ALL government, regardless of level, projects.  We wouldn’t go out and say the new pair of shoes was “only $20” because I paid the other $50 out of my left pocket.  Same for government spending, any $ wasted, regardless of source, is still a dollar wasted.

    Newton North and all of Newton should be ashamed of themselves for the money that they have wasted on this school project.  

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    then again, when it was done (2001) it didn’t have air conditioning and the security system was broken.  Imagine that, a $23M high school and no air conditioning!  And when it was discovered that the security system was broken they claimed there was nothing that could be done about it.  The security system company would not guarantee anything.  Heck, we only paid $150K for the system….

    But we did get marble floors imported from Italy.  We also got a first class locker room that has showers that go unused.  The coaches and gym teachers won’t allow the students to take showers – only the teachers and staff.  And if the public wants to hold a class in the ‘showplace’ high school, they have to rent a room at $200 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours, and also have a staff janitor on hand for the 4 hours plus an hour ahead of time and an hour afterwards.  In other words, you can’t step inside the place for less than $1000 for the morning.  Did I mention that those fees do not apply to teachers?

    I will never vote for another school project again – ever!

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