New video: Scott Brown endorses Karyn Polito for Treasurer

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The Karyn Polito for Treasurer campaign released a new Internet video today showcasing United States Senator Scott Brown’s endorsement of Polito this week.

Brown officially announced his support for Polito in Boston on August 25, where he hosted an evening fundraiser for Polito’s campaign at the Liberty Hotel.

“I don’t give my endorsement lightly,” says Brown in the video. “I think very long and hard about it. And based on her track record, her experience, and her ideas to help be a ‘watchdog,’ Karyn will bring a new energy, a new thoughtfulness to this office, and she really wants to bring common sense and fiscal sense back to Beacon Hill.”

“With Senator Brown’s election, we told Washington we’re tired of wasteful spending, higher taxes and big government. Now we have a chance to send that same message to the State House,” said Polito.

“Scott Brown’s election to the United States Senate in January signified a new beginning for Massachusetts because it represents a break from the politics of the past, which has given us deficits, high taxes and fewer jobs. I am grateful for Senator Brown’s support of my campaign and I appreciate his assistance.”

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