My View on Charter Schools and the War on Poverty

Given the failed War on Poverty (LBJ speech 1/8/64), given our limited monetary resources, and given the need to solve urban achievement gap issues, it is my view that ALL charter resources should be focused on urban communities that are deemed underperforming. Spending a nickel on charters in Danvers, Marblehead, Wellesley, or any other suburban community that is successful in spite of dwindling resources and given the failure of our now 46 year lost War on Poverty is just plain dumb. If it takes us a generation to “fix” our urban/achievement gap problems, they are problems that my kids will not have to address. If we continue along the same path, the battle never gets fought, thus never won. Winning the War on Poverty is about education. It’s about doing education differently than we do in the suburbs simply because the problems are bigger and different. It’s also about longer school days, flexible educators and administrators, parental involvement, and sending kids to school with food in their stomach.

I look forward to the dialog.

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