My Casino position is split between Baker and Patrick

I agree with Baker on moving forward with 1 casino and studying the impact and whether or not the state needs others or if they would oversaturate the state and cause an under-used situation.

I also agree though, with Gov. Patrick that the race track owners do not have an inherent right over all others for the slot parlor permits. The race track owners are a big part of the success formula for Democrats in metro north and in the greater Brockton/ Taunton areas and have given immense amounts of campaign funds to Dem pols.

I am surprised Patrick is holding this position but we’ll probably learn of a close political ally looking for a chance to bid for a parlor somewhere down the road. I’ve learned not to trust his positions by seeing what happens later but..he is right here.

I’m a bit disappointed in Baker’s position to grant the Carney’s & Sarkis/ Westwood Group this exclusive and dubious advantage. I would like an explanation.

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