Memo to candidates: Resolicit now

It’s getting down to crunch time.  If you are a candidate for public office, you are probably wondering where your funds are going to come from for the final push to November.  You’ve made phone calls, you’ve sent out fundraising letters, you’ve held parties.  You are probably thinking, I’ve got all the money I can get.  If you’re a first time candidate you may be overlooking one very rich pool of money.  Your previous donors.

From now until the election, you should be sending out at a minimum every two weeks a short update of your campaign to your previous donors via mail.  In this update you should ask them for an additional donation to bring you over the top.  If someone has donated to you before, especially a low dollar donor, they’ll do it again.  

Don’t leave that money on the table.  Resolicit, starting now.

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