Mass Republican and Staind Front Man Aaron Lewis pens new TEA Party Anthem

Update: Earlier this year Aaron’s community of Worhtington had to shut down its elementary school. Thus affecting his children.  Instead of whining and looking for a bailout, Aaron is taking things into his own hands and started a charity to reopen the school. Tonight, August 14, 2010, he is giving a performance in Florence MA as a benefit for that foundation. You can learn more here.

The lead singer of the 90s band Staind has just finished recording a country tinged solo album.  On it Aaron Lewis of Worthington, Massachusetts, and registered republican, pens what may become a TEA Party anthem, “Country Boy”.  Pay particular attention in the clip below starting around the 3:28 mark.

Got two flags fying ‘bove my land

that really sum up how I feel

one is the colors that fly high and proud

the red the white the blue

the other one’s got a rattlesnake

with a simple statement made

don’t tread on me is what it says

and I’ll take that to my grave


This is me I’m proud to be American and strong in my beliefs.

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again

I’ve never needed government to hold my hand

Thanks Aaron for a great song.

After the jump is his performance of the song at Fort Hood.

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