Martinez Holds a Town Hall Forum on the Economy

Chelmsford – On Friday evening, in a crowded conference room at her Victory 2010 Headquarters, Senate Candidate Sandi Martinez held another in her series of town hall Forums.  The theme of the Forum was The Economy, and it featured Economists Dr. Nicolas Sanchez, of Holy Cross College, author of the book Destined for Failure: American Prosperity in the Age of Bailouts, and Bill Scaglione, President of Professional Enterprise Solutions.

Dr. Sanchez discussed the subject matter of his book, while Mr. Scaglione talked about the importance of small business to economic viability.  The audience was delighted to hear the details about solutions to our economic problems.  Martinez affirmed the importance of seeking expert guidance on important issues.  She said “These town hall forums are a great way to bring experts and citizens together to facilitate a discussion that will lead to solutions”.

Martinez addressed the packed room noting that “It is time to recognize that one party rule has failed ‘We the People’.  Our nation was founded by ordinary citizens desiring a government that is accountable to the people. In that spirit and as a pioneer and a founder in the Tea Party Movement, I bring my successful leadership of empowering thousands across party lines in the 3rd Middlesex district to the Senate race and, if you honor me with your vote, to the Massachusetts Senate.”  

“The betterment of our communities and the passion to pass along the American Dream to our children and grandchildren is apolitical.  I am holding the Martinez Town hall Forums, open discussions of ideas, with Expert Advisors on the hard problems facing the people, businesses, and town and city governments to open the door to solutions.  Divided we continue to fail; united, we succeed” concluded Martinez.

Martinez and the Martinez Citizens Brigade will be announcing details of this weeks town hall forum on jobs that will be held with Martinez Advisors and Business Leaders.  Massachusetts ranks in the bottom five states as being unfriendly to business.  It is time to hit the ‘stop’ button on the district and state losing jobs.  The lack of job growth affects everyone from every political party and it is time to galvanize together around solutions that will revitalize Main Street and bring business to our district and state.

It is time to hit the ‘stop’ button on our future, our children, leaving due to the lack of job opportunity and high cost of living, and to losing the wisdom of our seniors who are fleeing due to unsustainable real estate taxes.

Sandi Martinez is a Republican candidate for State Senate in the Third Middlesex district.  Her priorities include job growth, economic recovery, and lower taxes.  She advocates for government accountability and will fight to bring full transparency to the spending on Beacon Hill.

Sandi is an IT professional who has worked for small companies, large corporations and has run her own IT consulting firm.  She knows the issues faced by small businesses and will work to create a more inviting environment.  Sandi is a lifelong resident of the Third Middlesex District.  She was born in Waltham and raised in Chelmsford where she currently lives with Louis, her husband of 28 years.  Sandi is a daughter of a veteran, a mother of a veteran, and has 2 sons currently in the Marines.  She supports the military and veterans through her work as a Blue Star mom and other veteran’s activities.

The Third Middlesex district is comprised of the nine communities of Waltham, Chelmsford, Concord, Bedford, Sudbury (precincts 1 and 4), Weston, Carlisle, Lincoln, and Lexington (precincts 3, 8, and 9).

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