• Than a “supporter” such as yourself.

    Sam is a good man with an incredible life story.  He has many positives on which to run in this election and, hopefully many others regardless of the outcome of this race.  These are the attributes and issues which you should be raising.  They are far more compelling than the crap you have been writing about since you started posting.

    You bring discredit to the candidate you purport to support with your attacks on Jon Golnik.  Even the YouTube channel, Golnikisafraud, brings disservice to your candidate.

    So if you wish to help Sam try speaking positively about what he brings to the table and stop the amateur attacks on his opponent.  Please do highlight policy differences between the two.  Please do highlight work and life experience difference between the two.  These may help your candidate get votes.  Keep up your rants against Jon and you will continue to hurt, not help, Sam’s chances.

  • You folks are clearly Golnik supporters. You don’t want the best candidate. You just want your own. My gosh how you all presume to be all high an mighty and pretend to understand politics. No wonder the Republican Party in Massachusetts has been a blip on the radar screen nationally.


  • to ASCAP.