Is the Fatherhood Coalition (CPF) a Cult?

I must say I’ve been surprised at the depth and intensity of support given to Earl Sholley by non 4th district members of the Fatherhood Coalition (CPF), and after seeing Franco’s nutty posts here and now Joe Ureneck possibly revealed as the person who caused the online debate poll to get “Ron Pauled”, I had to look a little deeper.  

Caveat:  I don’t really know much about the intrinsic validity of the issues that CPF supports; the core issues may be valid or they may not.  I’m not opining on that right now, although if I did believe in their cause I would be pretty disappointed in how they carry it out.

Lets take a look at the CPF web site and see if there are any clues as to whether this is a group that is approaching the issues in question in a sensible manner, or if it is acting more like some kind of radical cult:

Domestic violence: out of the frying pan …

By David Yas Published:* May 4, 2009

Joseph Ureneck really wants me to write that wives physically abuse their husbands just as often as husbands physically abuse their wives.

He wants me to write that the vast majority of women are lying when they claim that they have been beaten by their husbands.

And he wants me to write that the law is so flawed in Massachusetts that men accused of domestic violence lose everything important in their lives without a real chance to defend themselves.

I can’t write that. I won’t. But Ureneck has my attention.

His group and others like it are plotting to defeat judicial nominees whose philosophies don’t comport with their own.

Holstein and Ureneck utter things that many of us would say simply defy reason.

Ureneck estimates that between 80 to 90 percent of women who claim they have been beaten, or are in genuine fear, are lying.

Both men are convinced that the notion that men are more likely to do harm to women than vice versa is a myth, largely citing the comprehensive work of a professor of psychology named Martin S. Fiebert.

“It’s a seriously flawed argument that men are inherently violent,” Ureneck declares.

Holstein says: “There’s no question … it’s not a matter of debate.”

I asked Holstein: Can’t most men overpower most women? Isn’t that common sense?

“When you actually think about it, it’s not common sense at all,” he says, claiming that most people know of an incident of a wife becoming violent with her husband. He recalls the image of a wife hitting her husband with a frying pan.

Ureneck and Holstein may be on the fringe. They may even be downright sexist. (Mark Charalambous, who writes a column for the Fatherhood Coalition’s website, wrote on the subject of then-presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton: “There has never been a female president. Ergo, no woman candidate can be perceived as ‘presidential,’ assuming a rational interpretation of the word. When one thinks of the phrase ‘commander in chief,’ a pear-shaped woman in a pants-suit doesn’t come to mind.”)

But they also may have found a comfortable forum to state their case.

Hanlon, a leading voice against domestic violence during her days as a practicing lawyer, heard no fewer than five speeches from representatives from the Fatherhood Coalition at her confirmation hearing. That’s a lot, even given the Jerry-Springer-like hysteria that can erupt at any given Governor’s Council hearing.


This article is incredibly critical of the CPF, but yet it is posted on the CPF main page…  go figure

(more below)

Are you all aware that John Flaherty, Treasurer/Officer for The Fatherhood Coalition, has been incarcerated since Monday, Nov. 5. He was sentenced to 150 days by Judge Boorstein over a child support/college tuition dispute (John raised constitutional issues during trial, and filed an appeal and a federal complaint immediately).

Also, I just spoke with Earl Sholley and we are not sure whether John is in the Cambridge Jail (behind the court house) or in Billericca (sp?).   Mark Charalambous is developing the story, and we are planning a major rally very soon. Certainly, John is a dear friend us and hero to our movement.

I just thought it was important to make sure our allies in courage and integrity were notified. It warms our hearts that you good folks stand up for us. Our children will come to know you too.

Best Regards,

Mike Franco

State Co-Chair

The Fatherhood Coalition



In my opinion, Earl is the “tip of the sword.” Whether you agree or disagree with him on various issues, we must now fall in behind Earl, and others like him. One cannot be a great, or even good leader, if he does not know how to follow first.

Remember Benjamin Franklin’s response to bickering and whining at the signing of the Declaration of Independence; he said, “We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

This is a time to fall in behind Earl Henry Sholley, helping to form the cutting edge of each side of OUR sword.

Mike Franco

ps: Meaning no disrespect to great women like Barbara Johnson, and others who have supported us with courage and integrity along the way; but there comes a time when we, as men and fathers, have to carry out this business from our perspective since it is truly impossible for any women — even though you may be 95% there — to fully understand and empathize with how we are affected by the loss of liberty and harm to our children.

The court denied that jailing someone for child support was imprisonment for debt by using the logic that supporting one’s children is a sacred obligation that has always existed. Therefore, child support is not a debt in the ordinary sense of the term. This is nothing more than a fiction.

After all, slavery has been an institution throughout history, and it is the duty of masters to provide support for the offspring of slaves. Ballek never argued that he was a slave to start with. The court ruled that if Ballek was healthy and able to work there was no excuse for him not to work and pay his child support. In short, if the slave is deemed to be healthy and able to work, there is no excuse for him not to pick cotton with all the other slaves in the field. The only difference between todays masters and the masters of old is that the latters accepted their responsibilities of masters, while the former absove themselves of those responsibilities by the further enslavement of others.

If you would like I will draw up a Habeas Corpus petition that will challenge Mr. Flatery’s enslavement and persecution on slavery grounds. I can do this easily. I have been able to find many old books from pre civil war times and have studied medieval serfdom as well as Roman slavery. I have studied the slavery of the Nazis and the Communists. As the Institutes of Justinian put it back in the 6th century, “The chief division of the rights of persons is this, men are all either free or slaves.”

I fell your pain John, but those who rule over us have shown a blatant disrespect for the truth. They worship Mammon as their god. The have no respect for their oath to support the Constitution and use legal fiction whenever necessary to deny that they enslave anyone. They are the vilest of hypocrites.

Adrian Banks

From: Earl Henry Sholley

Organization: Sholley for Senate

To:, MIKE Franco

Mark, I understand very well. No need to apologize Everything looks good. Nice tie in to Abuse Registry Case a la Lesbos. Good to focus on Tyrant Boorstein. Is she married? The question must be asked “Who is she teaching a lesson?” She has hurt all family members. Family Court is a harmful process that abuses children and destroys families. No child support payments for five months, loss of livlihood, and loss of affection from children. Extortion as common court practice must also be highlighted. To use John’s favorite word, the whole smelly process is a disgrace. This judge is guilty of multiple types of abuse. As for after the protest, perhaps letters to Judiciary Chairmen to urge them again to move our 209-A and Shared Parenting bills out of study, forum with the family court to hear our grievances, a formal list of grievances presented to the Speaker and Senate President, a Father’s Manifesto of about 10 Resistence Recommendations, a vigil at the jail, picketing at the judges house, etc.

From: Earl Henry Sholley

Organization: Sholley for Senate



Some Goals to consider for the John Flaherty Solidarity Protest

Short term

1. Support and show strong solidarity for a friend and defender of truth, justice and liberty.

2. Send a strong message to the Tyrant Boorstein and the rest of her criminal accomplices that the cruel and unjust abuse of power will not be tolerated in America.

3. Build esprit de corps and reliance upon one another in our battle against the forces of evil.

2. Fathers Rights as a counter-revolution

The Fathers Rights movement is essentially a counter-revolutionary movement. It seeks to overturn the feminist cultural revolution that has ruled the roost for the better part of

two generations and counting.
Once you understand this, it becomes clear that the Fathers Rights movement does not and cannot exist in a vacuum. The feminist sociology professor who teaches college freshmen that the patriarchy and the biological nuclear family are relics of a more primitive, unenlightened world… the social worker who interviews women and children entering the hospital emergency room to see if they are

victims of domestic violence… the English teacher who includes Alice Walker rather than William Shakespeare in her syllabus… the U.S. senator and presidential candidate who brags about writing VAWA… the lesbian sociology professor who has her “Marriage and the Family” students fill out cards for the Statehouse supporting gay marriage… the conservative news show host on Fox who occasionally trots out a Fathers Rights

advocate to make sport of him… etc., etc., all are part of the problem-not just the judge who took your child and granted your wife an abuse protection order!

The reason is cultural. The reason is sociological. And to cure this disease, cultural and

sociological paradigms must be challenged and overthrown. It can’t be avoided.

Conspiracy is defined as “An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.” The “Real Wheel of Abuse” (Appendix), illustrates the causal relationship between feminist propaganda in academia, the media, legislation, the rape of

fatherhood in the courts, the social costs of father absence and domestic violence. What we face is, quite literally, a conspiracy.

Here is a short list of some of our local enemies:

§         Feminazi attorneys such as Wendy Murphy and Gloria Allred.

§         Marilyn Ray Smith, (once?) Chief Legal Counsel of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement division (DOR/CSE), and chief architect of the original Massachusetts Child Support Guideline.

§         Judges that clearly get pleasure from figuratively raping fathers in family court, such as (now retired) Judge Edward Ginsburg.

§         Feminist, anti-father Guardians ad litem such as Lundy Bancroft and the frighteningly large number of homosexual GALs and family court judges who advertise their dysfunctional lifestyles on their own web sites.

§         Media outlets that are thoroughly biased in favor of women, such as The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

§         Domestic violence feminazis such as Toni Troop and all feminazi domestic violence agencies such as Massachusetts’ Jane Doe, Inc.

§         Feminized politicians who toe the feminist line on social issues and policies such as Mass. governor Deval Patrick and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden who authored VAWA. Ignorance does not excuse evil. Evil is as evil does.

This list is as long as you want to make it. It should include all feminist academicians who are brainwashing students in our schools, colleges and universities. First discredit, then demonize. If at all possible, criminalize. Dig up dirt. Try to destroy their reputations and their careers. If you can, cause them financial and economic hardship. In such endeavors, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Make alliances with people who have a different, perhaps completely unrelated beef with these enemies. Share information and work together to cause them harm.

(Mark Charalambous)

Also, frankly, I find it kind of creepy that they always call each other “precious dads” and “dear friends”.

I would now like to reiterate 2 things:

1.  I am not commenting on the merits generally of the notion that fathers are getting screwed in divorce cases, since I simply don’t have enough information about it.

2.  All of this information came directly from the CPF web site.

There is a LOT more there, its hard to pick and choose what to post so I just grabbed some samples.

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