Faced with “Reality” of mounting progressive losses Kravitz finally jumps the shark

Watching David Kravitz while he solicits Charlie Baker and Scott Brown to denounce everybody they know over the past week has been interesting to watch.  

Today Kravitz finally did it though he jumped the shark.  The lead story on Blue Mass Group right now is Kravitz attacking Charlie and Scott Brown for not showing up in Dan Winslow’s facebook photos.  No really, that’s what it is. Kind of amazing huh?

But wait, what about poor Dan Winslow?  Dan, one of the few actual adults running as a Republican this fall (he’s a former judge and former chief counsel to Gov. Romney), seems to be all on his own.  I looked through his Facebook pics, his Flickr page, his website  … nothing.  No Charlie Baker, no Jennifer Nassour, not even Scott Brown (even though Winslow was his campaign’s chief counsel).  No Republican party honchos at all that I could see.

Now, maybe Dan just hasn’t asked them to show up yet.  Or maybe no one snapped a pic at the right time.  I hope that’s all it is.

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