Creating jobs has to be job #1

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With so much going on this week – and so much media attention on the fallout from not approving casinos – I want to tell you more about what’s on my mind and what I hear from people on the campaign trail. Casinos may have been the biggest thing in the news this week, but it’s not the biggest thing on the minds of the people I meet and talk to everyday, who recognize that casinos are not the answer to the economic problems in Massachusetts. I support limited expanded gaming, but it’s not THE answer to our economic problems. Unfortunately, casinos are the only answer Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill have had to create jobs here. And that’s sad. Creating jobs should be the governor’s #1 job.

Richard and I traveled out to Western Massachusetts again this week, and like most other stops we make across the Commonwealth, the people we talk to are concerned about the 100,000 jobs Massachusetts has lost, the eight taxes that have gone up under Governor Patrick, and the rise in state spending that has no end in sight. News this week that consumer confidence in July dropped to its lowest level since last October, business confidence fell, and for the third straight month single-family homes and condos put under agreement declined, are all further evidence that Massachusetts needs a change. Governor Patrick’s policies have failed the taxpayers and if we don’t take our state in a new direction, it will only get worse.

Our volunteers are continuing to kick it into high gear, using the Team Baker Online Action Center to make calls from home and identify hundreds of new supporters every day. If you haven’t yet, go to http://volunteer.charliebaker2… and sign up to take part in the action.

Super volunteer Deb Genatossio remains atop the leader board and is closing in on an impressive 2,500 calls from home! And congratulations to Peter Solomon and Desiree Awiszio, who each surpassed the 1,000 calls from home threshold this week.

Keep up the good work!

Every call – and every vote – counts!


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  • The #1 priority should be raising wages and salaries. Good managers do this by destroying jobs, not creating them. Tourism/hospitality is one of the lowest paying job sectors.

  • If you, as Governor, would legalize fireworks like they do in New Hampshire…. That would create jobs in this state as well as make me one happy chairman lol  

  • So much for the Dems being the party of “the little guy.”

    Deval carried Nantucket by a comfortable margin against Healey in 2006, and there are only 4,000 total votes up for grabs there– every vote counts, but it’s pretty telling that while Charlie Baker’s out bringing his message of jobs, jobs, jobs, and cutting taxes and spending to folks in cities and towns all over Massachusetts, with townhalls in Weymouth and Middleborough, regional offices in places like Wakefield, Worcester and Braintree, and events all across MA, Deval’s taking it easy, staying out in the Berkshires while his deputy dog Tim Murray got heat exhaustion working most of the July 4th parades himself, and now mixing it up with the islanders in ACK– before attending a fundraiser there, of course!  

    Of course, just to make it look like a legit campaign trip rather than an extended vacation, Deval visited a landfill. But the police weren’t fooled– they picketed his townhall!

  • Absolutely, creating jobs is job #1.  Yet, except for a slight nod to the tired talking point about cutting taxes, there does not seem to be any specifics ideas or proposals in you post; only a call to action for your campaign.

  • Blanking Baker – is a vote for Conservative Massachusetts Republicans on election day.

    Blank Baker – Cahill and Patrick on election day.