Beware the Kochtopus!

The scariest article I have read recently deals with corporate spending run amok, and may explain where the Tea Party got its start and its money.

This is a must read.  I want to hear what you all think about this.  Essentially, while George Soros operates in the open, and not to support his businesses – the Kochtopus is, in fact, one of the top ten polluters in the world, and using its clout to kill the government to pollute in peace.  Again read all about it.

Their idea seems to be if you cannot make it on your own, please die and improve the race.  What Jonathan Swift wrote as a satire appears to be close to what the Koch brothers and Grover Nyquist believe, as proponents of social Darwinism.

Again, the path of honor, the path of the Warrior, is that the strong take care of the weak.  

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