William Keating

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William R. Keating is running against Robert A. O’Leary for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts’s 10th Congressional District.  The only problem for Keating when deciding whether to run for the seat was that he did not actually live in the 10th district.  

The current holder of the seat, William D. Delahunt, decided not to run for reelection this year.  Even though Keating lived in the Fourth Congressional District, he decided to move to Quincy so that he would be eligible to run for the 10th seat.  

Gary Lowell, independent candidate for the 3rd Norfolk state Representative seat, is calling on Keating to withdraw from the race.  Lowell believes that the residents of the 10th district deserve a Representative in Congress who will work to further their interests, not those of others.  As a longtime resident of the 4th district, Keating will not work to further the interests of the residents of the 10th district, but the interests of the residents of the 4th District.

Lowell also believes that Keating’s move to the 10th district is merely a symptom of the hurtful effects of the two party system.  Keating’s move is an example of political opportunism at its worst, when politicians make a move simply for their political gain and not for the benefit of citizens, which Lowell believes is only exacerbated by the two party system.

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