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William R. Keating is running against Robert A. O’Leary for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts’s 10th Congressional District.  The only problem for Keating when deciding whether to run for the seat was that he did not actually live in the 10th district.  

The current holder of the seat, William D. Delahunt, decided not to run for reelection this year.  Even though Keating lived in the Fourth Congressional District, he decided to move to Quincy so that he would be eligible to run for the 10th seat.  

Gary Lowell, independent candidate for the 3rd Norfolk state Representative seat, is calling on Keating to withdraw from the race.  Lowell believes that the residents of the 10th district deserve a Representative in Congress who will work to further their interests, not those of others.  As a longtime resident of the 4th district, Keating will not work to further the interests of the residents of the 10th district, but the interests of the residents of the 4th District.

Lowell also believes that Keating’s move to the 10th district is merely a symptom of the hurtful effects of the two party system.  Keating’s move is an example of political opportunism at its worst, when politicians make a move simply for their political gain and not for the benefit of citizens, which Lowell believes is only exacerbated by the two party system.

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  • And I was shocked to read in the Globe that Mr. Keating moved to Quincy so that he could run for this office!

    But I am confident that should Keating win the Democratic primary, he can be beaten by Representative Jeff Perry of Sandwich. Perry is an energetic, articulate and intelligent legislator and leader who can mount a credible campaign against either of the Democrats running for this seat.

    He has to win the primary in his own party first, but that should not be too challenging considering that he has a track record of standing up for all of the core issues that Republican and Independent voters care about. He sponsored an amendment that would prohibit illegal immigrants from accessing public benefits; he has fought to reduce government spending and government waste; and on taxes, he earned a rating 100% from the CLT.

    With offices in Quincy, Plymouth and Sandwich, Perry has positioned himself to take his case to voters throughout the 10th district. He continues to rack up endorsements from high-profile Massachusetts political figures, and he leads his primary opponents in funds raised.

    Jeff Perry is the best candidate to represent the interests of the 10th district’s voters.


  • Keating is a text book carpetbagger and hopefully the voters of the 10th district are wise enough to see through his ruse.  

    While Perry touts his fiscal conservative record which is representative of many of the voters in the 10th, many more feel there is a serious trust issue in light of the strip search scandal and Jeff Perry’s poor handling of explaining it.  

    Push-polls and silly straw polls aside, a Cape Cod Times poll shows there has been some serious erosion of support given the scandal and his handling of it.


    Perry can’t win in the General election given the scandal, the amount of money that Keating has amassed (despite the sleazy manner in which he accumulated it), the fact that the unions will provide their money and paid help to campaign, and the outside money from the DNC to save the seat.

    I was reading another article which made mention to wife-swapping, I am sure the dems are doing their digging on that and will drop that bomb as a big, October surprise

  • keating made a smart move.having a local address for this election cycle will get his name on the ballot for the general election.he still has two more for the election cycle in 2012.the commonwealth will loose one congressional seat in the next election[2012].he will be re-apportioned against another democrat.unless lynch runs for mayor of boston?you are giving to much weight to the house when even your favorite has three district office’s in his campaign!

  • p.s. that is why the democrat’s on beacon hill are trying to change from electoral college to popular vote for awarding the diminutive 11 electoral votes.