Where Does Cahill Stand on These Issues?

Tim Cahill supporters insist he is the real conservative in the race for Governor.

OK. I have some questions.

1.) Where does Tim stand on the abandonment of the health plan design for municipalities? Does he support giving our cities and towns the ability to design health plan coverage for municipal employees without having to go through the collective bargaining process, which is estimated to save our cities and towns $100,000,000? Or does he stand with the unions, who are bankrupting our municipalities with their generous benefits packages?

2.) Where does Tim stand on REAL pension reform? Does he support closing the remaining loopholes, capping annual pension payouts at $90,000 and ending pensions for lawmakers? Or does he stand for the status quo that has given us unfunded pension liabilities in the billions and lawmakers who regularly abuse the system with double-dips and write the laws to benefit themselves and public employee unions?

3.) Where does Tim stand on removing Project Labor Agreements from public works projects that studies show raise the cost of these projects from 12-15% in taxpayer money? Does he favor allowing the 80% of the construction labor pool that is non-union access to bid on these projects free from the cost-busting union only PLAs? Or does he stand with union power brokers who shut out 80% of the workforce?

4.) Where does Tim stand on lowering the prevailing wage in Massachusetts to the lower Federal prevailing wage when accessing Federal dollars for state projects? Again, does he stand with the taxpayer or the unions?

5.) Where does Tim stand on consolidating government departments and reducing the state workforce? Does he support efficiencies and cost reductions or does he stand with public employee unions who would fight this cost-saving measure?

These are real issues that need to be addressed by the next governor because they are some of the root causes of the fiscal mess we find ourselves in. The money that should be saved here would allow reductions in tax rates for the simple reason that government would cost less. And who doesn’t want their taxes to go down?

So, I’m asking in all sincerity, who does Tim really stand with? The taxpayers, like he claims, or the status quo of union control, patronage and government waste?

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