When Elephants Cry

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Will the whining ever cease?

No, I’m not thrilled with Senator Scott Brown’s support of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act either, but it’s not like he ran somebody over with his truck. The moaning and groaning from Brown’s erstwhile supporters seemingly won’t stop; I can’t recall the last time I heard so many grown men and women sounding like pouty six-year-olds.

If Brown legitimately believes that this is good legislation, what is he supposed to do, not vote for it? Senators are not robots, programmed to vote for or against every single thing their constituents want or oppose. Let’s use an extreme example: imagine that the vast majority of Illinois residents opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, even though then-Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen supported it. Was Dirksen not supposed to vote his conscience?

I could understand the outrage if Brown were an unintelligent man duped into supporting this legislation. Yet Brown is obviously not unintelligent; does anyone think he’s lying when he says that he read the lengthy bill? I take the man’s word for it.

It’s almost impossible to hear and read the uninformed anti-Brown invective emanating from talk-radio callers and message-board commenters, respectively. I guess they’ve forgotten the joy they felt on January 19. Bay State conservatives and independents are booing Brown and throwing trash at him, like a WWE audience when a beloved wrestler becomes a villain. Their reaction is nothing more than raw ridiculousness.

Did these folks really expect Brown to cast an anti-Democrat vote on every single issue? Brown voted to be the 41st vote against Obamacare, not the 41st vote against the entirety of President Obama’s agenda. It’s as though these complaining conservatives and irate independents expected Brown to head down to Washington and tell each and every elected Democrat to go to hell. He’s not that kind of guy.

I get a kick out of the folks who now say they regret supporting Brown and will abandon him in 2012. Wow, that’s brilliant. Let’s say that Gov. Patrick manages to get re-elected (God help us) and challenges Brown in 2012. Any self-styled conservative or right-leaning independent that would refuse to vote for Brown and thus allow Patrick or another aggressively progressive Democrat to seize his Senate seat is out of his or her mind.

What is wrong with the anti-Brown right? Have these voters lost sight of Brown’s importance to this region? Do these folks not realize that guys like Brown are the only ones providing any degree of political diversity up here in the Democrat-dominated Northeast? Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

These fussin’ and cussin’ conservatives need to think long-term. Brown may have been mistaken in his judgment on this bill, but that doesn’t justify throwing him to the wolves in 2012 and allowing another dogmatic Democrat to occupy the seat indefinitely. Will these folks still be mad at him if he votes against Elena Kagan, or works to stop cap-and-trade or immigration reform from becoming law? Or will they continue their temper tantrum over this particular vote?

These anti-Brown conservatives are just too spiteful and snide–and much like Prince’s mother, they’re never satisfied.  

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