Unions: The Big Difference Between Baker and Patrick/Cahill

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Yesterday’s Boston Globe contains an editorial critical of project labor agreements for the $750 million in construction at UMass-Boston.  The editorial highlights the stark contrast between Baker, who opposes the agreement, and Patrick, who supports it. http://www.boston.com/bostongl…

Already, the project labor agreement on UMass is drawing political fire, with Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker condemning the deal and Governor Patrick affirming his approval. Despite his admirable willingness to break with organized labor on education reform and the Boston firefighters contract, Patrick retains significant labor support. The UMass expansion is a significant bone to throw to politically powerful construction unions.

Baker is willing to confront unions including public sector unions.  Patrick is an instrument of union interests.  That’s the biggest difference between the two as far as how they will govern.

And as for Cahill, my reading is that he’s even more in the pocket of the unions than Patrick.  Whereas Patrick at least expressed indignation at the Boston firefighter’s contact, Cahill embraced the union position.  http://www.boston.com/news/loc…

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker urged his rivals Thursday to join him in opposing a 19 percent pay raise for Boston firefighters

Cahill said the firefighter raise was the product of union negotiations, so “whether you like the outcome or not, you have to live up to your word.”

On this issue alone, the choice for fiscal conservatives should be clear.  

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