Trusting Charlie Baker?

   I have brought up this issue in the past, and was thouroughly (and justifiably) hammered for doubting the great one.

  Not this time.

  For some odd reason I receive e-mail updates from Charlie as a member of his “team.” I have asked to be removed from his mailing list several times, to no avail. Here is the sentence in question from his(?) weekly e-mail update today:

  “We know Deval Patrick and Tim Murray and their allies will spend heavily in the fall to try and win the election, so we have to out due their efforts.”

  I believe the word in question is “out due” it should be “outdo.”

  The e-mail was signed “See you on the campaign trail.” by Charlie.

  My questions:

1. Charlie: how could you graduate junior high with spelling like that? Never mind Harvard.

2. Is the e-mail from you? It has your name on it.

3. If it is not from you, why are you deceiving your “team” members?

  If you’re looking for a new proofreader, I’ll work cheap. Heck, I’ll even campaign for my boss. I like working. I’m available right now.  

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