True Unemployment is 22%, 23% or 28%, or so says a number of experts!

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Ya know how the government stops calling people ‘unemployed’ when their benefits run out?  Well, they do.  And ya know how college grads that work 15 hours per week at McDonalds are considered employed, even though they are very actively looking for full time work?  Well, they do, and they are.  Its those kinda things that cause the federal government to grossly underestimate the unemployment rate.

A firm called TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence has been conducting employment polls across the country and they have found that in a survey of 1,000 households there were 28% that had someone that was looking for work.  Actually, they do polling all the time and the latest 28% figures are just from May.  Contrary to these findings are the federal government numbers of 9.5% unemployment.  

However, Mayur’s polls continued to find much worse figures. The June poll turned up 27.8% of households with at least one member who’s unemployed and looking for a job, while the latest poll conducted in the second week of July showed 28.6% in that situation. That translates to an unemployment rate of over 22%, says Mayur, who has started questioning the accuracy of the Labor Department’s jobless numbers.

Apparently TechnoMetrica is not alone in questioning the feds numbers.  Others, such as Economist helen Ginsburg of the advocacy group “National Jobs for All Coalition” and “The Shadow Government Statistics” have been questioning them for years.  

Such under-counting of unemployment can be an enormously dangerous exercise today. It could lead to some lawmakers underestimate the gravity of the labor market’s problems and base their policy-making on a far-less-grim picture than actually exists. Economically, and socially, that would make a bad situation much worse for America.

“Isn’t it interesting that if you stopped looking for a job, you evaporate as a jobless person and are just not counted,” says Gerald Celente, director of Trends Research Institute in Kingston, N.Y. Celente believes this kind of under-counting has suited the government politically. “It’s what government does: Downplay disasters and amplify success.”

I personally think the unemployment rate is far in excess of what the federal or state governments thinks it is.  In the company I last worked for, of the ten people that were laid off in Massachusetts only 3 of them have found work.  That lay off occurred 17 months ago!  Worse yet, is that the state unemployment office has the most unprofessional and incompetent people in the world working for it.  Hussein Obama and Deval Patrick are to blame for this mess.  

Worst of all, there are illegal immigrants working all over the United States, while Americans collect dwindling amounts of unemployment.  When are you going to get mad America?  When are you going to get so mad that vote the bastards out?  When are you going to get so mad that you take up arms and show the bastards that you mean business?  It better be soon, because while you sit around with your thumbs up your ass thinking about it the federal government is getting ready to take away your right to speak openly about your political views and they continue to work night and day to prevent you from getting the arms necessary to mount a true defense.  I know, I know, “V3PN is crazy”.  Crazy like a fox!  

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