True Colors

Any of you who were listening to Tom & Todd this morning heard “The Indipendent” candidate for governor attack, the past 16 years of Republican Governors. In a conversation on air todd asked tim “Why do you feel the republicans cant help small businesses” Tims answer was as follows ” Because for the 16 years before Deval Patrick, the Republicans worked for and cared about Big Business not small business” Once again we see that, you can take the hack out of the Democrat Party, but you cant take the Democrat out of the HACK! Like any other democrat Cahill just turns around and throws the same old talking points at the republicans… Let me ask all of you Republicans out there like Joe who are supporting Cahill, because they think he is the conservative, what you do think about him attacking the people you have all supported over the years. Weld,Cellucci ,Swift & Romney

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