Tim Cahill’s Suddenly Missing Position on Abortion

So good for Tim Cahill he got the endorsement of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life today.  Kind of odd for a pro-choice candidate that doesn’t have a voting record to back it up, but hey his answers to the MCFL survey look like they were lifted off of their own talking points sheet, so I can see why.  

One rather perplexing question remains though.  What happened between May 25, 2010 and today to get the issue of Abortion removed from his website?  

First up are the Google Cache images of Tim Cahill’s website from May 25, 2010.  Note abortion is mentioned prominently as is Tim Cahill’s position, “I believe in and support a women’s right to choose. I also believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” (click on the images to see them larger.


After the jump you’ll see the pages as they were this afternoon.  All mention of abortion on Cahill’s “core values” pages has been scrubbed.


This scrubbing of his website shows once again that Tim Cahill’s core guiding principle is opportunity.  He is a political opportunist of the highest magnitude who is trying to be all things to all people.  Pretty soon it’s gonna catch up to him. If you have pro-life friends please share this link with them to show them the truth behind Cahill’s stance on abortion and how he is just a political chameleon.  

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