The week after Labor Day, for Dems and “former” Dems all hell may break loose

Mark your calendars.  The week after Labor Day promises to be a very bad week for the Massachusetts Democratic Machine.  In their ongoing “Spotlight” series regarding the Probation Department the Boston Globe reports that the investigators report is due on August 22, 2010 but will probably be pushed to right around Labor Day.

The source familiar with Ware’s investigation said Ware and colleagues at his law firm, Goodwin Procter, are studying campaign contributions by Probation Department employees to see whether there are signs of a “pay to play” system where probation employees were expected to contribute money to certain politicians to improve their chances of promotion. The Spotlight Team in May found a pattern of donations by probation employees to key legislators such as DeLeo and Petrolati just before or after they received promotions.

Ware’s investigation remains “broad ranging,” the source said, but Ware hopes to file an initial report on his findings with the Supreme Judicial Court around Labor Day. The state’s top court gave him until Aug. 22 to complete his work, though some probation observers expect Ware to request an extension.

The SJC has ordered all Probation Department employees to preserve all records created since 2001, including all computer documents, handwritten notes, voicemails, text messages, diaries, calendars, and journal entries.

“No records or documents shall be altered, edited, amended, or destroyed for any reason whatsoever,” the SJC’s order reads.

If this report contains the pay to play information.  Expect it to be very damaging to Tim Cahill’s floundering campaign for Governor.  It might just be the death-knell.  As we all remember the Globe previously outlined Cahill and O’Brien’s relationship, and how probation has a good number of Cahill donors.  The timing couldn’t be worse for the Treaurer.

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  • Thinking of the effect of yet another Massachusetts corruption scandal on our legislative races too.  Revolution 2010!  

  • Given some of the other reportage about the hack-a-rama over at the Probation Dept. this could ruin the slim chance Cahill had to get as much as 18 % of the vote.


    –“after a Globe Spotlight Team report yesterday detailed O’Brien’s leadership of a department in which political connections and contributions can be keys to advancement and where poor financial supervision has left the agency that handles $70 million in cash a year vulnerable to theft….

    Baker called on his rivals in the governor’s race to join him in calling for O’Brien’s dismissal.

    State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, who is running as an independent, instead blasted Baker’s campaign for trying “to politicize issues for their own benefit without having a full understanding of the matters at hand.”

    Cahill has received substantial contributions from Probation Department employees. O’Brien’s wife and one of his daughters work for Cahill.

    “Rather than villainizing one individual without having a full understanding of the situation, perhaps we should try to fix the root case,” Cahill said in a statement.”–