The Silent Scream

There are a lot of people in the “pro-choice” community that don’t understand the “pro-life” communities objection to abortion.  If you are pro-choice and have an intellectual curiousity as to why pro-lifers believe what they do then watch this video.  It shows an abortion.  

Warning it is a disturbing video and probably should not be viewed at work.

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  • …in the “pro life” community that don’t understand the position of the “pro choice” community.  And that is abortion is something that human societies have been doing since history was recorded.   It has always been against the norm of society and many “pro choice” advocates feel that way (but Rob, you portray them as advocates of “infanticide”).  

    I became a solid “choice” person when my conservative Catholic dad told me in the 1980s that we can never go back to pre-Roe v Wade with back ally abortions so common and tragic.  

    Rob, on many other issues, you seem to understand that a law will not change behavior, just drive that behavior underground, given that abortions have happened through out history and among all cultures, how will laws banning it address the issue?  You may dismiss what I’m about to say as a liberal talking point, but why can’t we all recognize reality…let’s make it a safe option for women who feel they must have an abortions and work as a unified society to make these rare circumstances.

    Yes, I’m bothered by some of the rhetoric of abortion advocates (I don’t consider myself pro choice, but pro reality), but there is a wide degree of extreme rhetoric and positions on both sides–and you represent the extreme with your rhetoric.  

  • Gittle

    Not gonna work.  Still unconvinced. 😛

    You know, it’s possible to be (and let’s use everyone’s favourite quotations here) both “pro-life” and “pro-choice” at the same time.  I don’t think anyone (with the exception of a select few) really wants abortion, and there certainly shouldn’t be public funding of it (although admittedly, I have other priorities). But you know what? It happens.

    What do you want to do, be like Ireland? Tell them that they can do it, but they have to cross the sea over to the UK? “Go ahead and have an abortion, but you can’t do it here and we don’t want to see it.” Highly impractical. 😉

    Also, if you’re going to further that whole “life” argument, let me ask you this?  What’s better: a “pre-born” entity that doesn’t make it or a five-year-old (or so) that ends up suffering and leaving due to mountains of neglect?  It’s a wash, if you ask me. 😀

    Besides, the late great George Carlin (RIP) put it best when he said, “Kids are just like everyone else in society: a few winners; a whole lot of losers!” He also said that you have to “cut ’em loose.”

    Call me callous; do what you must.  I just don’t care about this issue.

  • I’m very sympathetic with the comment about laws not deterring certain behaviors, and in some cases they encourage the very behaviors they’re created to stop.  

    There are studies showing that countries where abortion is legally prohibited still have abortion rates comparable to those in countries like the United States.

    If that’s case, legality at least allows for regulation of the practice, and open discussion about the morality of abortion.  

    Studies also show that — among all age-groups — support for restrictions on abortion have been rising since the mid-1990s.  Even though abortion is legal!

    Prohibition of popularly accepted practices doesn’t work.  

    Conservatives, of all people, should embrace the idea that laws should reflect life, and not vice versa.

  • Conservatives and libertarians put a premium on property rights, and according to Locke, the primary form of property rights is self-ownership.

    That’s the principle that makes us defend the right to tattoo oneself, kill one’s self, or kill anybody who attacks you.  

    Why can’t women remove an inviable fetus under the right to self-ownership?

  • I get frustrated when pacifists refuse to distinguish between different kinds of killing, e.g., homicide and self-defense.

    Isn’t the same thing at work with anti-abortionists, who pretend that killing a fetus attached to a woman’s uterus is equivalent to shooting a stranger walking down the street?

    Yes, abortion kills a fetus.  But military maneuvers in Iraq and Afghanistan also kill people.  Soliders don’t need to prove that the individual they’re killing has personally done anything wrong to them or the US.  A soldier’s killing an Iraqi or an Afghani is sanctioned by general principles.  

    Why isn’t abortion a form of killing sanctioned by property rights (self-ownership)?  

    Like war, abortion is not pretty, and no sane person should celebrate it.  

    But like war, abortion may be a warranted expression of rights.

  • I think some people have such a strident knee-jerk reaction to the pro-life position that they didn’t even bother watching the film, but just went on the attack. It’s cowardly to be pro-choice and not confront the reality of the procedure.

    Myself, I almost puked watching that.  I still feel sick. Anybody who can dismiss the abortion procedure so nonchalantly is either ignorant, cruel or a sociopath.

    I respect pro-choicers like Camille Paglia, who have often argued that the pro-choice community needs to confront the reality of abortion and make a principled stand, as opposed to those who hide being false science and selfish suppositions.

    A baby is being killed. There is nothing to take lightly about that. I dont care if the new hip New England Republicans want to seem progressive, modern and relevant.

    I am not a litmus test Republican or pro-lifer. The issue not a deal breaker for me. But the cowardliness of many pro-choicers bothers me deeply.  

  • I haven’t read a single comment here arguing that abortion is the killing of a fetus.  But I’ve seen some that argue that laws aren’t the best way to stop or even decrease abortion.  And that property rights (especially self-ownership, upon which all rights flow) may permit people to kill fetuses that are attached to them, as awful as that may be.

  • Are we legally bound to help somebody in need?  Serious question.