About Joe Malone

  • What a great President Reagan truly was.  He gave us hope for tomorrow and a feeling that with hard work and determination, anything was possible.  I feel sorry for my kids who are robbed of the feeling due to the current path that Obama and Pelosi are taking this country.  The unsustainable levels of debt, the socialism and the threat that it poses to our national security are destroying our future.

    Reagan wouldn’t be traveling the world apologizing to our enemies, or bowing to dictators who hate us.  He certainly wouldn’t have dilly dallied for 2 months watching a massive oil spill destroy our coastline.  He was a leader and one that made us proud to be an American.  What an incredible experience that you and Linda got to spend some time with him.  Keep fighting for our kids so that they can feel too, that America’s best days are ahead.  

  • Is like the Red Sox wanting Babe Ruth as their cleanup hitter this year due to injuries……

  • Obviously, Joe didn’t learn anything from our great president

    when it comes to campaigning. Mr. Reagan’s 11th Commandment was “thou shalt not attack a fellow Republican.” Based on the continued vicious attacks on Jeff Perry, Joe is a first-class transgressor. Every barb fills the Democrats with glee.  

  • When your biggest issue is being a has-been… don’t run clips from a dead guy who has been out of office for 21 years!

    It is like Quayle… people thought he was an intellectual lightweight, then he removed all doubt.  Some people think of Joe Malone as a has-been… don’t help them with their arguments!