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Malone Wins Key Cape Cod Support

PEMBROKE – Today Joe Malone, Republican Congressional candidate in Massachusetts 10th District, proudly announced that he has received the endorsement of Matthew Teague, Vice Chairman of the Barnstable Planning Board.”I am extremely pleased that Matt is joining our team,” said Malone.

Matthew Teague is a lifelong resident of Cape Cod. After graduating from Dennis-Yarmouth High School, Matthew attended West Point. In 1997 he became a commissioned officer in the United States Army. After leaving the service, he moved to Barnstable with his wife and three young children. Presently, Teague is the Vice Chairman of the Barnstable Planning Board.

“Having served my country, I feel that Joe Malone is the candidate who best shares my values. He will do an outstanding job in Congress representing the people of Cape Cod and the entire 10th district,” said Teague.

“It is an honor to have Matt’s support in this important election. He is an honorable young man who has served his country with distinction,” said Malone.

This endorsement is another key indicator that Malone is picking up significant support on the Cape while building strong momentum throughout the entire district.

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  • Winning the endorsement of matt TEAUGE, is really key.  Seriously guys, recognition from matt TEAGUE–the Vice Chairman of the Barnstable Planning Board-surely shows us Joe’s commitment and understanding of the people-especially as matt TEAGUE is widely respected around the cape as a leader on national issues.  

    You might be confusing matt TEAGUE with, you, know, that nobody who ran for congress a few years back, (what’s his name? Ted? Fred?) Nope, it’s matt TEAGUE, the guy who you obviously think of when you see the name TEAUGE in a headline. . .

    Congratulations Joe, you’ve been endorsed by has-beens, Obama supporters, and some dude who shares a popular name on the Cape.  

  • …giving Jeff Perry’s web link as you bump this to the front page…)

  • Matthew,

    Thank you for your service to our country. It would seem, upon quick glance, that some desire to cultivate a nasty current that sometimes rears its ugly head within our own party.

    Malone is fortunate to have your endorsement, and the Cape to have you as a public servant.

    Your endorsement is a fine one indeed.

  • Ok ..first let me say …I happen to like Jeff ..but also really don’t have a bad thing to say about Malone.  And as neither gentlemen will be getting my vote (not my district) I don’t really have to pick sides.

    But PLEASE do NOT tell me that an endorsement from the Vice Chair of the Planning Board is a big thing!  What’s next the Secretary of the School Committee and the Treasurer of the Dog pound?  

    This actually makes Malone look like he is really reaching on this one.  

    Personally I think its GREAT that he got endorsed by this guy that most people probably don’t even know. But this should have been a line in a list of say 20 various semi-important (or think they are important) people in a posting in September.  At the rate of one endorsement like this each week, come the end of October, Malone will be pushing for an endorsement by the Chair of the Historical Commission in Plymouth! (no disrespect to the Historical Commission)  

    Is it me ..or is this year “ALL THINGS WEIRD” in politics?

  • The whole time I read the first post, I was thinking… Matt didn’t sound right.  EDDDDDDDD, that was his name.  He ran against Delahunt in 1996, rigth?

    I get the reason Malone would hype this up… it is just like O’Leary boasting the Kirk endorsement… it’s a proxy for the Kennedys.