Statement by MCFL State PAC

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Statement by MCFL State PAC

There has been some confusion regarding the endorsement of Tim Cahill by the MCFL State PAC. The PAC endorsed the Cahill-Loscocco ticket because the ticket is the best choice to advance the pro-life cause.

Tim Cahill made clear in two different meetings with the PAC that, while he believes that Roe is settled law, he supports parental notification, tax credits for adoptions, and as Governor he will sign pro-life legislation such as A Woman’s Right to Know, a state Partial Birth Abortion Ban, and legislation making the preborn child the second victim when a pregnant woman is the victim of violence. He will also veto Physician Assisted Suicide and other anti-life legislation.  As Governor, Tim Cahill will work to create a culture of life across Massachusetts.

In both meetings, Cahill was forthright, candid and thoughtful. When looking at the candidates, the choice is clear.

Deval Patrick is the most pro abortion Governor in Massachusetts history.

Charlie Baker did not return MCFL’s candidate questionnaire. He picked a running mate, Richard Tisei, who has a long pro-abortion voting record. Baker has stated that he is “to the left of Barack Obama on social issues.”  It is clear that Baker would not be a friend to life.

MCFL State PAC is a non-partisan group which supports the candidate most likely to help

advance the cause of life. We are proud to have endorsed Tim Cahill. We look forward to

seeing him elected Governor this Fall.


Madeline McComish

Chairman MCFL State PAC