So Much for Reagan’s 11th Commandment in MA-04 Congressional Primary

Some of the most vicious criticisms of Conservatives who stay true to form on the  issues that define a true Conservative quite often come from Republicans who tend to be liberal on Social Issues. When it happens as it does quite often at RMG, it brings back memories of the venomous and personal attacks that were cast at George W Bush and his supporters by John McCain and his campaign during the 2000 Presidential Primary Campaign in South Carolina which portrayed the architect of the strategy, John McCain as less than committed to the tenants of Social Conservatism  and even somewhat hostile to evangelical Christianity which might help up here, as it did against Mike Huckabee but not in the Bible belt as McCain found out.

In the Primary race for the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District between Earl Sholley, for whom I support and Sean Bielat who seems to be getting support from Republicans who are liberal on social issues as well, the campaign seems to be becoming increasingly combative but not on the issues. Sean has come out against Earl Sholley from the very beginning based on Earl being 62 years old and having failed in the past to defeat Barney, even though he only made one attempt and started late, and Earl’s trouble years ago with the State of Massachusetts over Father’s rights issues that began a long campaign against over intrusive Government policies and government by lawyers and for lawyers.

If you have proclaimed yourself to be a Christian Conservative whose world view point evolves from or atleast includes your Christian beliefs as both Sholley and Bielat have declared,  then the two Republican Primary Candidates from the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District do not have much wiggle room on issues that are treated as sinful in their respective denominations. Therefore how can there be anything more important than the rights of those who were created in the image of God whether they have been born or still developing in their mothers womb. In God’s mind they  have already been born as He sees them as fully developed human beings with their whole lives in front of them and even beyond so how can we dismiss the issue as of minor importance as many in Sean Bielat’s camp are now doing.(Forgive me for the Sunday School Lesson which is not the position of anyone’s campaign that I know of, but is my opinion alone.)

There may be other differences on issues including Gay Marriage, the Legalization of Marijuana and the South Coast Rail Project which even Earl Sholley disagrees with me on but how can I know for sure if we don’t have a debate. And if the Republicans get that one wrong there could be hell to pay on the South Coast.

So Sunday, June 27, 2010 a debate was planned in Taunton, Massachusetts but Sean apparently was unable to attend. When asked about the matter his campaign staff contended  there was a schedule conflict before proceeding into a very predictable rant that revealed shrewd political calculations which Bielat has admitted to making in the past. In fact it is well known that he thinks he is leading the race based on campaign finance reports and has more Facebook friends which is pretty dubious evidence if you ask me even though Sholley had raised as much but was spending at a faster rate because of the demand for campaign literature and such.

Anyway the debate itself, or I should say the Sholley Q and A session has come and gone and is discussed in great detail in  an article that ran Monday morning in the Taunton gazette entitled The GOP Congressional Debate That Wasn’t that you should read if you would like to get a picture how the  one sided session went. On Tuesday a rebuttal piece by Sean Bielat himself ran entitled Sholley’s debate was a shameful display.

When reached for comment on the surprising decision by Bielat to enter the frey between the two staffs negotiating for a debate a Sholley spokesman was quoted as saying

Bielat, who apparently had time to take a swipe at the news piece didn’t have the time to show up and doesn’t seem to have the time to call the Sholley campaign to give a date and time when he would be available for a debate.

I’ve known Earl Sholley now approximately six months and I can tell you that he very rarely gets involved in these type of spats which he refers to as “The Politics of Personal Destruction”. One time I had Sean Bielat himself out in the open on RMG, as a manner of speaking, in the comments section of an article I wrote entitled: The Great GOP rallying Cry of 2010: Run Conservatives even in Massachusetts and called Earl himself to invite him to participate in a great opportunity to debate  Bielat’s commentary on his marijuana position which was extremely naive and sophmoric to say the least and Earl’s response to my request was interesting. He said

The only thing I’m concerned about when I’m under attack is that they spell my name right” (LOL), and then he added, Let him go, which I basically did but not before I left a few parting verbal jabs which served him right for getting involved in the first place.

As a retired U.S Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than taking on a former Marine Corps Major, which I was unable to do, of course, when I was serving as a lowly enlisted man on active duty and had frequent contact with Marine Corps enlisted personnel as well as officers in my line of work.

Anyway…Sunday during his address to those gathered for the Q and A, Earl referred to Ronald Reagans 11th Commandment which was to never speak ill of another Republican and how difficult that has been for all of us during this campaign.

What I really can’t understand is how other districts like the MA-03 that has five Republican candidates running yet they don’t have any problem scheduling a debate. But in the 4th District we have this one prima donna former Major with that typical condescending manner and tone of many superior officers I worked for who thinks Earl Sholley, a former U.S. Army veteran, business owner, and son of a coal miner and farmers daughter is beneath him as a candidate and is not worthy of his presence at a debate. After all he says all the time in interviews like the horrible interview he did for Laura Ingraham, “Barney has never had a serious challenger” (until he arrived, I guess). And it doesn’t matter that Earl is a veteran of five Massachusetts campaigns and is a virtual encyclopedia of issues oriented knowledge.

And now I understand that Earl Sholley received an email Wednesday morning from someone (who’s name I’m witholding for the time being) from Taunton who said; “Earl wasn’t fit to run for dog catcher and should he win the Primary in September he has advised his voting block to leave the 4th Congressional District race blank.” If he actually does that I’ll release his name to the entire blogosphere and beyond. So beware!

Well someone once said that “Politics Ain’t Bean Bag” and for someone like myself who has been a political junkie for years but never actually got involved in a political campaign before, I have been learning that lesson the hard way.

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