Sholley should withdraw from the 4th

For anyone who hasn’t yet realized quite who this guy is:


And not someone I personally would want representing me in any case.

Its a harsh clip but you brought this on yourself with the silly debate ruse and the follow on attacks on Sean.  You Sholley people think that legal, tax and character issues don’t matter, but I think they do.  I think people should know who they are voting for.  I think character matters.

Sholley is such a hopeless case that I am forced to accuse his supporters of actually working in the interest of Barney Frank – that is, against the only candidate who can possibly beat him.  It going to be hard enough without you guys yelling RINO and other junk, how bout we WAKE UP about the hopelessness of Sholley and REALIZE that supporting him is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

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