Scott, please help me

Where do I start with my take on Sen. Scott Brown?

“So, that go along to get along attitude has been tattooed into his political psychology,” southcoast wrote.

Yeah, that’s a part of it, I believe.

Scott Brown has had an almost always perfect or near-perfect record standing with taxpayers, except when he didn’t.


In 2008, I attacked him again in a CLT Update to members (and on our website) on another vote, as was reported to us live at the time from usually-reliable sources. He called me that evening disputing it; we had a heated discussion, then he tried to get me fired from CLT.

Fortunately, Barbara and I are partners, co-directors. Even if she wanted to, which she didn’t, he couldn’t have.

Nonetheless, when state Sen. Scott Brown was the Republican candidate against Democrat Martha Coakley to fill deceased Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat, I was behind him without hesitation — he had my full support and endorsement.  Without reservation.…

This is politics, “the art of compromise.” He was by far the lesser of two evils in a critical moment for the nation, and he was energizing the grassroots, bolstering the nascent Tea Party movement here and around the country, and our “Revolution 2010” stood a chance. His victory proved it can happen — even in The Bluest of States, even to capture “The Liberal Lion’s” Massachusetts (of all places) den in the U.S. Senate!

In my estimation, so far he remains that.  The “lesser of two evils” though he seems to be diminishing to lesser yet, too soon and too easily.  Another Snowe and Collins?  Sigh.

Scott Brown may need to do this to get re-elected in 2012 in Massachusetts, or is being advised he needs to; his ‘best and brightest’ think he must.

If there is still a nation . . .

Personally, I’ve lost my limited enthusiasm.

Maybe better than the alternative . . . maybe, but how much actual difference?

Scott, I’m writing this because I know you’re reading it.

I’m not alone.

Please do what we sent you to Washington to do.  Is this too much to ask?

Please, at last, represent us.  It’s been so long since anyone has . . .

Help me to support you again in 2012.

Give me some motivation . . . please?

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