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                                        By: Edward P. Shallow

In my editorial of 5/19, “Conserve America Reject Kagan” I quoted Joseph Farah, writing in WorldNet Daily, Mr. Farah indicates Kagan is an activist who wants to govern from the bench.

Her “claim to fame” was in a time of war and escalating radical Islamic threats, Kagan shamelessly disregarded the safety of our country to promote her personal politics. As Dean at Harvard Law School, she kicked military recruiters off campus because of her opposition to the do not ask do not tell policy.  

I was elated to inform readers, in a 9 to 0 decision the Supreme Court voted against her liberal activism.

I now have further information that should provide further ammunition for Senators to consider in her confirmation hearings.

Again from WND the following information to shock America. A look at the faculty, she invited, hired and promoted at Harvard reveals a cast of radicals so controversial, even Kagan joked in introducing one that they are “the kind of professor (s) for whom tenure was created.”

Those welcomed to teach at Harvard:

The openly “gay” Professor William B. Rubenstein, a former litigator for the American Civil Liberties Union who directed precedent-setting cases aimed at securing homosexual “rights” and who at Harvard established classes focused on, in his words, “bisexuality, and trans-gender—polygamy, S&M (and) the sexuality of minors.”

There are several more points of interests, most advancing the homosexual agenda.

In conclusion, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is committed to the radical campaign-pushing acceptance of homosexuality and trandgenderism as “civil rights”, “Mass Resistance wrote in a report on Kagan’s record.  Her unprecedented activism supporting that view as dean of Harvard Law School calls into question her ability to judge fairly and impartially on same-sex marriage and other homosexuality -or transgender related issues that may come before the nation’s highest court.”

On June 14 of 2007 the Massachusetts Legislature failed in their obligation to vote on the issue of Gay Marriage as instructed by the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth, instead betrayed the people who had obtained the necessary signatures to vote on the issue.

Former Mayor Raymond Flynn, the lead sponsor of the proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay Marriage said the 170,000 residents that signed the petition had their votes stolen.

On a re-vote, only 45 members voted in the affirmative, one of them was Representative Scott Brown, after the vote, I wrote Scott to thank him for siding with the people in support of traditional marriage.  

I recall on the campaign trail for the U.S. Senate seat, when asked about marriage he responded, the union must be one man and one woman.

God Bless You Senator, you can affirm your allegiance to Holy Matrimony, and cast your vote against Elena Kagan who will,   if the opportunity presents itself, and if confirmed to the high court will by her vote against traditional marriage tarnish the Holy State from that day forward.

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