Scott Brown and the Public Employee Unions

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Scott Brown may soon have the opportunity to prove that Charlie Baker is the only politician in Massachusetts willing to stand up to public employee unions.…  Brown is a supporter of the misnamed Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act which would force the 21 states that limit collective bargaining by public employee unions to allow all public employees to enter into collective bargaining arrangements.  

TLC Weld blogged about it here:…

Scott Brown’s support for this legislation is troubling on multiple levels.

First, it is likely unconstitutional.  I don’t see how one could classify a city employee as engaged in interstate commerce.  If Scott Brown believed in federalism there is no way he could support this legislation.  

Second, it’s bad policy.  Public sector unions thrive precisely because the parties on the other end of the bargaining table are supplicants–politicians that owe their positions to the support of the unions.  

Third, it won’t do anything to help his chances for 2012.  Brown can always be outbid by the generic Democrat in terms of delivering the good to union bosses.  On this other hand, Brown’s support further distances himself from his small government, fiscally conservative supporters.  Appeasement is a losing strategy for Republicans as the National Right to Work Committee points out.…

Right now, freedom-loving constituents are turning up the heat on all six GOP sponsors of S.1611, especially Sens. Scott Brown [Mass.], Mike Johanns [Neb.], and Lisa Murkowski [Alaska].

“Right to Work supporters are also reminding these senators that, in 2008 alone, four GOP senators who had tried to appease Big Labor by cosponsoring the 2007-2008 version of the Police/Fire Monopoly-Bargaining Bill were tossed out by their constituents.

“History shows forced-unionism appeasement won’t insulate politicians from Big Labor attacks – but will anger their constituents.”

For Scott’s benefit here are the four GOP sponsors of the previous incarnation of this bill that were defeated in 2008:

Norm Coleman (MN) lost to Franken 41.98% to 41.99%

Gordon Smith (OR) lost to Merkley 45.6% to 48.9%

Ted Stevens (AK) lost to Beglich 46.6% to 47.8%

John Sununu (NH) lost to Shaheen 45.2% to 51.7%

Let’s hope Brown stays off this list in 2012.

I hope that Scott reconsiders his support for the expansion of the power of public sector unions in the United States.

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