Rasmussen corrects favorable-unfavorable data

In yesterday’s Rasmussen reports poll the favorable-unfavorable data for Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker was transposed.  Much was made by team Cahill and team Patrick that the negative ads have backfired on Charlie. Well that’s just not the case.  Vincent Errichetti was right, they didn’t make sense because they weren’t correct.

The updated numbers can be found here.

It now breaks down that Tim Cahill has favorables of 36%, and unfavorables of 46%.  Charlie Baker has favorables of 44% and unfavorables of 38%.

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  • the Cahill camp spin this into a positive? If he persists in this campaign we’ll have 4 more years of Coupe Deval to thank him for on top of the pay to play and patronage. What a legacy.

  • THERE IS ANOTHER MISTAKE in the report or as least in the online results from the link noted above – which goes to Rasmussen’s Website!! What the $#@#$$% ????  

    Read 3* below …What is November 23, 2010 (last line)??  Should read November 23, 2009.  

    How can a professional survey company make these mistakes???  

    How can the company WEBSITE be wrong??  How do you spell Creditable – NOT ????

    (from the website)

    2* How would you rate the job Deval Patrick has been doing as Governor… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?

    18% Strongly approve

    32% Somewhat approve

    13% Somewhat disapprove

    36% Strongly disapprove

     0% Not sure

    3* 2010 Massachusetts Governor Race

    Charlie Baker (R)

    Deval Patrick (D)

    Tim Cahill (I)

    Not Sure

    July 22, 2010





    June 21, 2010





    May 10, 2010





    April 5, 2010





    March 8, 2010





    November 23, 2010






  • Questions 9&10 on oil drilling & 13-15 on the economy are very telling.

    Since they seem to be clearly divided along Ideological lines, this looks like the area where any candidate has the most room to expand his support.

    I’d suggest the GOP shore up its talking points on the merits of energy independence including a renewed focus on Nuclear Power, as well as clearly detailing the folly of Obama’s off shore drilling Moratorium.


    How the moratorium is beneficial to George Soros’ concerns in Brazil (Petrobras).

    Anyone wanting to win in November had better get the 20-25% of the Undy’s on those questions.

    Since most people still don’t yearn for bigger government & are weary of the Progressive plans to further expand it;

    a better job of educating the undy’s on the fact that Obama’s incarnation of “Keynsian Economics” failed to prime the pump as we were told it would.

    In the latest edition of National Review Ramesh Ponnuru (“Pro business not Pro Businessman”) is a great illustration of my point. & A quote by Rep Paul Ryan nails it down nicely

    “The problem we have as a party is we have often confused being pro-market with being pro-big business”

    We should campaign against “Crony Capitalism” where government picks & chooses the winners.

    As we’ve seen under Obama all too often the chosen winners are the union heavy corporations which are deemed “too big to fail” while the small business gets squeezed out.

  • …that totally sucks for Team Cahill.  I mean, they where able to grab the high negatives for ‘Charlie Baker’ and composed this entire narrative (not unjustly, I might add) that Charlie was unelectable because of his negatives, only to discover that it’s their guy who had the bad numbers.

    That….I mean…eek.  Just not what you want not have happen on any campaign.